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What if I color my hair?

It’s okay if you color treat your hair. Hair strands are roughly 10% absorbent, and after 5 days, whatever bleach or dye you’ve put on your hair is not going to affect the results of your test.

What is Nutritional Balancing Science?

Developed by Dr. Paul Eck to work in conjunction with hair mineral testing, it is a way to balance the alkalizing minerals in the body to induce a natural, gentle, ongoing detox that’s safe for people of all ages and can help reduce stress to the point that it can assist the body in healing itself.

How can I send my hair sample?

Simply order a REVEAL Program and a hair test kit will be mailed to you.  It contains the hair sampling instructions, intake forms, paper scale, hair sample envelope, and the return envelope.

If you are ready to take the financial and emotional steps to take control of your health, book an assessment call with us now.

How long before I see my test results?

Once we receive your hair sample, it takes about two weeks to receive the results and analyze the test.

I get my blood tested. Why test my hair?

Blood tests are important and vital to providing medical doctors information about serious illness in the body. One should be done to rule out such things as cancer, heart disease, and liver disease before starting on a nutritional balancing program. That said, testing the hair gives you a more complete understanding how the body is processing everything you’re taking in from food to the air you breathe. It is possible to see the trends of the body including producing, processing and use of digestive enzymes, hormones, and toxic metals and chemicals. These are things the blood carries and delivers throughout the body but blood does not tell you how those things are being utilized and that’s what makes hair analysis more comprehensive.

Why test Hair?

Hair provides a unique cellular reading of the mineral levels.  Cells are the major site of metabolic activity.  Typical tests such as blood and urine (while often testing for the presence or absence of cells) rarely analyze the cells themselves.  Blood tests are excellent but do not provide the same information given by hair analysis for the following reasons:

  • Mineral levels in the hair are about ten times that of blood, making them easy to detect and measure accurately, thus providing a tremendous amount of knowledge about the cells and the soft tissues of our bodies.
  • Mineral levels are kept relatively constant in the blood even when pathology is present and therefore do not always accurately reflect existing mineral deficiencies and excesses.
  • Toxic metals are also much easier to detect in the hair.  They are not found in high concentrations in the blood except right after an acute exposure.  However, some of them tend to accumulate in the soft tissues (such as hair), where they are far easier to detect and measure accurately.
  • Blood tests can vary significantly from hour to hour depending on one’s diet, activity level, the time of day and many other factors.


Why is hair a good choice to test?

1. Sampling is simple and non-invasive.
2. Hair is a stable biopsy material.  It requires no special handling and will remain viable for years.
3. Advancements in computer-controlled mass spectroscopy and other sciences have rendered the hair mineral biopsy an extremely cost-effective, accurate and reliable test if and when it is done correctly.

Perhaps the most appealing advantage is that hair analysis can be performed entirely from the comfort of one’s own home, as samples may be sent via standard mail!

Adaptation is?

Adaptations are the way the body alters itself, changing mineral and vitamin levels, body temperature, blood sugar levels, etc., to survive in the best way possible, given the circumstances.  In mineral balancing nutrition programs, foods, vitamins, and minerals are used to remove the need for adaptations. Sometimes, nutrients are also used to force the body to adapt in ways that will promote health, using nutrition to push the body in such a way that it moves back toward normal functioning.

Bio-Unavailable means?

This is a particular type of mineral retention or non-utilization, due to lack of a releasing factor. Bio-unavailable minerals are generally elevated unless the mineral is locked up in tissues other than hair. In this case, the level may be very low on the test.

Compensation Principle is?

The minerals on the chart compensate for an adapt to one another in order to maintain critical levels and ratios.

Mineral Displacement is?

One mineral can displace or replace another. Displacement causes an elevated reading of the mineral displaced.

Mineral Excretion is?

A physiological effect of elimination of an unneeded mineral, that had been retained. Excretion elevates the mineral reading on a test.

Mineral Loss is?

A pathological loss of minerals through the hair can occur due to lack of a retaining factor. A mineral loss elevates the reading.

Do you work internationally?

The simple answer is yes.  To have a hair test completed is pretty easy. I can send a hair test kit in standard mail, or email you the intake forms and instructions that detail how to prepare the hair sample. From there, use a separate envelope to isolate the hair from the intake forms, and mail it all back to me at the address provided on the forms.  Hair does not spoil so it can be mailed easily. Receiving the REVEAL consultation and all the accompanying documents can also be done via web meeting. I use Zoom for international meetings. The harder part might be ordering the supplements as recommended. Many of my international clients prefer to crossover most of the supplements with a brand from Amazon or a local store, and then order those supplements that are more specific to their oxidation rate according to the hair mineral analysis from the lab in Phoenix, AZ to keep customs costs down. Many countries have a maximum dollar declared value on packages. For example in Switzerland, there’s is a value cap of $150 that can pass through customs without additional customs fees to the recipient. Do your research to find out what it is in your country. I’m happy to work with you.


Betaine HCL and Pepsin

contains specific nutrients required for digestion of protein in the stomach. Hydrochloric acid is necessary to activate pepsin, the major proteolytic enzyme in the stomach. Without adequate hydrochloric acid and pepsin, protein digestion is impaired Poor protein digestion can results in food allergies, flatulence and inadequate absorption of peptides and amino acids from the intestinal tract.


contains bovine adrenal nucleoprotein together with vital synergistic nutrients to aid in restoring normal adrenal response. Glandular products contain polypeptides, enzymes, and nucleoproteins which have been shown to enhance glandular functions. The product is generally recommended for the slow and slow-mixed oxidizer.


is a specifically formulated product which contains zinc, pantothenic acid, and cysteine. “Zinc is critical as an activator and constituent of many enzymes”. Pantothenic acid “serves as part of coenzyme A, which is at the center of energy metabolism… its chief importance stems from it’s relationship to energy production (and) stress resistance…”. Kutsky. Endo-Pan is designed to support adrenal gland function and to enhance coenzyme-A activity which requires pantothenic acid, L-cysteine and zinc.


is a formula containing bile acids and synergistic factors. GB-3 acts to enhance biliary output, assisting removal of toxic metals (specifically copper) from the liver. Bile acids also have a laxative effect.

Endomet supplement, GB-3


is a specific multiple vitamin-mineral product designed to enhance one’s rate of metabolism or oxidation rate. The correction of the metabolic rate requires a combination of nutritional factors. Megapan stresses those nutrients which correlate well with those affecting one’s metabolic rate.

endo met mega pan


is formulated to provide the necessary balance of calcium and magnesium. Paramin provides these essential elements in a very well absorbed form including calcium and magnesium citrate and chelate. This product also contains the supportive nutrient boron to further enhance the absorption and utilization of these essential minerals.

endo met paramin chelated supplement

Thyro Complex

is a multiple glandular product designed to support thyroid glandular activity. Thyro Complex is hormone-free and contains low-temperature freeze-dried glandular material.

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