Hypothyroidism Symptoms vs Hypothyroidism is a Symptom

Owning Your Health Podcast

Eva Vennari, host

Heather Kneale, guest

Hypothyroidism Symptoms with Dr. Heather Kneale

Join us on Women Lead Radio as Eva Vennari, your host of Owning Your Health, has a conversation with Dr. Heather Kneale of Global Nutritional Healing, who will share how it could be a false sense of security when diagnosed with Hypothyroidism AS the problem. They will explore the dangers of only treating the symptoms of Hypothyroidism, which often means covering-up the symptoms rather than getting to the root problem.

Rethink the #1 Myth About Hypothyroidism Symptoms and What Diagnosis Really Means

Eva Vennari is your host of Owning Your Health, a show about self-advocacy in wellness. Eva, a frustrated and sick corporate-climber turned holistic health practitioner, leads the conversation around alternative and complementary medicines that may not be available through standard corporate insurance. Explore what tools, tips, and resources are out there that can enhance not only your personal health but your productivity too.

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