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Physical injuries need spiritual healing too, according to Dagmar. Join us on Women Lead Radio as Eva Vennari, your host of Owning Your Health, has a conversation with Dagmar Oktabcova, of Soul Matters Inc, about how she’s teaching healers to become their own alchemists of their own mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health using her 12 Month Alchemy For Healers program.

A Journey of Emergence

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International Clairvoyant Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Speaker & Author Born in the Czech Republic, Prague, Dagmar escaped her home country with her parents and her brother in 1969, one year after the communist invasion. Traveling to different parts of the world, her journey eventually led her to Colorado, where in 2005 she met her Twin Flame. The encounter was so profound she wrote a book about it titled “Meeting My Twin Flame”, available on her website and on Amazon.com. Her spiritual awakening that ensued ultimately led her to what she does today. Dagmar has designed her own healing modality called Arial Quantum Healing and has facilitated deep integrative soul work and transformational healings, including past life regressions, for 16+ years and has helped thousands of people improve their lives. She also launched the Advanced Healers Academy and created the 12-Month Alchemy for Healers program in support of Healers.

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Eva Vennari is your host of Owning Your Health, a show about self-advocacy in wellness. Eva, a frustrated and sick corporate climber turned holistic health practitioner, leads the conversation around alternative and complementary medicines that may not be available through standard corporate insurance. Explore what tools, tips, and resources are out there that can enhance not only your personal health but your productivity too.


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