Sauna Upgrade – Silent Timer


Digital Silent Timer

Near-infrared sauna upgrade

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Sauna Upgrade – Silent Timer

digital timer installation

near-infrared sauna upgrade

Replace the sauna’s standard toggle on/off switch with this silent timer. Use it to pre-heat your space and allow yourself to relax knowing the until will turn off on it’s own.

Color White
Material Plastic, Metal
Product Dimensions 2.99″D x 5.08″W x 2.09″H
Number of settings 8

About this item

  • 8 button wall countdown timer switch, countdown delays: 1, 5, 10, 30, 45 Min and 1, 2, 4 Hours
  • Automatically turns lights, fans, and other loads off according to the selected time delay. To turn it off without waiting: Just press the same button as the input to turn off
  • Replaces standard in wall light switches, bedroom ceiling fan switches or heater timers, for energy saving, convenience and lighting and fan control
  • Blue LED indicator lights located next to each button. Customize the LED indicator function
  • Neutral wire is required for installation. Single-pole use only. 120VAC; 1200W incandescent, 600W LED, 1/2Hp motor. UL-listed. Wall Plate sold separately