Quantum Tibetan Readings…

Previously only available to Royalty

I’m excited for you to get your reading. This type of reading is Tibetan in origin and has traditionally only been ALLOWED to be performed for the Royal rulers of Afghanistan. For over 400 years the ancestors of Brandon Massa have been advisors to the Royal Family and helped them secure great success. It’s unfortunate that today’s rulers reject the Massa family, but as always I can see the silver lining in everything… now it is available to us.


If you “feel” something coming and want to know what it is and when it will come so you can plan better, this reading can narrow it down to the day! Find out if you might be facing a tragedy or accident. You don’t have to be caught off guard. I found my reading very validating. He was able to tell me things I already “felt” were going to happen and when (I’m intuitive) but he was able to do something that I couldn’t… he was able to tell me what is due to happen AFTER that. If you have your birth date, birth time, your mom’s birth date and birth time, he can be that accurate for you too. If you have just the days, he can give you a range of dates and the reading will be more general in nature, but it will still apply. So, get creative with your questions. See what’s written for you.





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