The Biggest Mistake Health-Conscious Men and Women Make About Symptoms That Creates Worse, And More Confusing Conditions…

The Biggest Mistake Health-Conscious Men and Women Make About Symptoms That Creates Worse, And More Confusing Conditions…

Even When You’ve Done All the “Healthy” Things To Fix Them.

Previously, I brought up the idea that chasing down symptoms and killing them circumvents the body’s natural way of communicating with you. What do I mean? Think of your body as a child who’s coming up to you with a problem. He wants to tell you he’s been hurt. He’s been the subject of bullying, and now has a cut on his head. You can put a band-aid on the cut, but it won’t deal with the bullying. See what I’m suggesting? By medicating with food, drugs, or even the seemingly healthy things like exercise, you could be putting a band-aid on your symptoms without addressing the root cause. Environment is everything.

There’s almost always an unseen, underlying cause that probably isn’t even on your radar.

The body communicates through symptoms from the simple like joint pain, headache, cravings, and fatigue to the more complex like high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. One can judge the first set of symptoms as less severe than the latter. What if I said paying attention to those little, pesky symptoms when they first start could stop you from ever having the more severe ones later. No matter the severity, they’re signs that the environment in your body is changing and just like a snowball that starts out small at the top of the mountain and becomes bigger as it rolls downhill, so your symptoms can become more severe.

For decades I sought the help of western medical professionals for my seemingly unrelated symptoms. They ranged from chronic fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and fibromyalgia to itchy skin, heart palpitations, and irregular menstrual cycles. Some doctors told me my problems were all in my head and I should obtain the help of a psychotherapist. When addressing my low back pain, another told me I would be in a wheelchair by the age of 35 from osteoarthritis and I should take a depression medicine that being in a wheelchair would promote.

I fired them all. I kept thinking,

There must be a reason why.

There wasn’t just one reason. There were many, and they were related.

The environment in my body SUPPORTED the symptoms. Think about how moss grows well in a swamp. Now imagine what would happen to that same moss if it was removed from the swamp and placed it in a desert. There’s too much sun and not enough moisture for the moss to thrive. Now, take that analogy and apply it to the body. Imagine your symptoms are moss. Do you want to get in a metaphorical boat with your moss killing (i.e.: parasite cleanse, or heavy metal detox cleanse) spray every few months? You wouldn’t do that because it’s CRAZY! Here’s something more elegant: change the ecosystem of your body so it naturally can’t grow the moss. Pause and really think about this. How much money could you save on the next fad diet, or trendy cleanse? How much time can you refocus so you’re not constantly worried if what you’re doing now is going to work? It’s another form of the “rat race.”

Things to consider: DO YOU WANT TO…

  • Go on parasite cleansing diets for the rest of your life?
  • Take dangerous heavy metal detox supplements or IV’s for the rest of your life?
  • Play “supplement roulette” with your body and hope for the best?

Or does it make sense to you to use the appropriate science to become very clear about what your body needs to change the internal environment? STOP spending money on the things that don’t create lasting change.

The Biggest mistake we make is thinking WE KNOW BETTER than the body to determine when and how something should be healed.

So what does promote lasting change?

Here’s how to tune into your body’s natural ability to heal. It has internal wisdom that knows what problems need to be handled and in what order… a priority list of back-burner items it doesn’t have the resources (minerals/rest/hydration) to correct. It knows how much energy each of those problems is going to need in order to be healed and how much time each will take. Think of all the things that are left undone at the end of every day for yourself. You know what you didn’t accomplish, and the resources required to finish. So, does your body.The Biggest mistake we make is thinking WE KNOW BETTER than the body to determine when and how something should be healed. Band-aid solutions hide the problem. Why not repair them? Don’t we just want the problems to STOP once and for all? It’s the results that matter. And if you’re like me, you hate repeating solutions. That just sounds like insanity to me.

What determines the proper environment for health and true vitality?

That’s the awesome thing: we’re all made up with the same template. Each body has determined physical mineral needs that when met automatically creates the right environment that supports lasting change, healing, youthing, and fortification against toxins, viruses, infections, and stress from daily life.

What does that help you achieve?

You can answer that question for yourself when you stop worrying about when you should do your next trendy cleanse and lean-in to trusting your body knows what to do. It’s not the lemon you might think it is. It needs a little cooperation from you, that’s all.

Test your hair to be certain you are on your natural healing path today.

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