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Finally, The Love You Desire: Stop these Fatal Relationship Habits the heartbroken make that keeps them lonely and frustrated about choosing love.


Are you tired of feeling played or playing games thinking THIS is what you’re supposed to do to date?

Have you ever found yourself wanting love, and at the same time not wanting to be hurt by it?

Is the conflict felt so profoundly that you’ve thought, “Love may not be for me?”

We’re set up for failure

That became me.  It all started when I was very little. I asked my mom, “How will I know when I meet the man I’m going to marry?”

It’s an innocent question.

My mom answered, “Honey, you’ll just know.”

That’s not helpful, is it? That way of thinking was ok while playing with dolls. Grown-ups need more sophistication. Are you ready to think differently?

Hidden truths

We have built-in guidance that’s not taught. The information to set ourselves free of this quagmire is freely available, but we’re so consumed with asking “Why?” that we leave no room for the answers… until now.

If you’re asking yourself –

“What am I doing wrong?”

“Are there just no good partners left out there?”

“I’m too broken and no one wants me.”

“I’ve worked on myself to the point that no one matches me.”

or you hear any number of other negative self-doubts, you are in the right place.

Your first steps

Know that you’re not alone.

Apply to Enroll in Essential Love: Remembrance, it’s free to book.

Complete your live 1:1 intake with Eva or one of the Essential Love Coaches. We’ll discover your relationship goals, from wanting to be happy alone, how to attract your divine soul partner, all the way to co-creating with the Universe. And if your goals don’t match what we offer, we’ll do our best to recommend resources.

If you do like what you hear and we come to an agreement on next steps, we’ll walk you through the process.

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