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sensitive people feel good again.

(…possibly for the first time.)


The Hidden Secrets To Your Timeless Health

hair analysis, mineral analysis, nutrition, nutritional balancing, natural, detox, meditation, wellness

Receive an easy to implement, step-by-step customized lifestyle and supplement manual based on a scientific hair analysis.

  • Reveals the hidden imbalances from birth, environmental, drug-related, lifestyle – the secrets are locked in your hair tissue mineral test
  • Gives you the necessary personalized insights based on your own body profile to create a customized lifestyle and supplement manual
  • Painless, non-invasive, and can be done from anywhere – hair does not spoil


An Academy For Purposeful Living

No fads, No trends, EVER. Improve the success of your healing even after REVEAL program is complete by implementing new supportive lifestyle habits along the way bringing your vibrant health far into the future with you. Choose the format best for you:

  • Primary: Member Portal – access to all articles info upfront 
  • Standard: Triannual Intensive Group Workshops
  • Premium: One-on-one guided coaching that includes tests and more…
EVOLVE Academy of purposeful living, create change for better health, more energy, feel great again


Submersion Retreats For Wellness Masters

ELEVATE, high-end retreat experiences, nutritional balancing life, lifestyle, clearing bad energy

Developed to easily incorporate into your corporate wellness atmosphere or be the intimate group immersion experience on a remote island. What choices are you dismissing because you think they’re inconvenient or just too difficult to make? Walk through the process to gain clarity and a visceral experience that’s uniquely yours. Emerge feeling confident about making ongoing decisions for your personal wellness, knowing how to take care of yourself now and well into the future.

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