My name is Eva Vennari, known as “The Healing Rebel” and I say we CAN have it all. Energy like you’ve never experienced before, and a natural glow that helps you feel, and look younger: no fads, no trends, and drug-free.

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Something deep down inside says “SOMETHING IS OFF.” Find out what it is.


Your Optimal Healing Path

Healing is a form of anti-aging. If you’re fatigued “all the time”, and I hear this from most everyone I talk to, fatigue won’t stop with the struggle. It threatens your ability to do your job because you can’t perform at work without getting enough sleep. And guess what, you need energy to sleep. Sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true. Ever been so exhausted before going to bed thinking “I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight” just to be up… thinking, tossing and turning?


Fatigue can lead to premature aging. You may have tried drinking caffeine and other stimulants during the day to keep you going. And no amount of exercise, eating “clean” or supplementing will help long-term. You’ll eventually burn out the body on many levels

That means
-no ability to work,
-no way to enjoy free time,
-no money, eventually
-and no fun.

The question is, how to know what you need so you give your body the right things to heal itself? I recommend finding out for sure by aligning with your body’s Optimal Healing Path.

This is exactly how I rid my body of the oppressive Chronic Fatigue my doctors told me I would never be free of. Trust me, it’s not all in your head. The things you’ve stopped doing because you feel old, have an old injury that hasn’t fully healed, or just don’t have the energy for anymore can become a possibility again. I did it all without Drugs, Trend supplements, and Fad diets.

Welcome to The Elevate Insitute. Please browse articles and podcasts for a deeper understanding and don’t forget your free gift!

Optimal Health Intensive

For High-Performance Professionals 

No fads, No trends, No Drugs. Just the real deal… True Holistic Healing that can turn back the hands of time

  • Align NOW with your Progressive Healing Path (P.H.P)
  • Pin-Point Problems – It’s personalized! REVEAL imbalances that cause symptoms
  • Never miss a beat with guidance to monitor, REalign, and plan the next step in your path
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