The hardest part is knowing if what you’re doing is working. REVEAL is scientific, and personalized. No guess-work. And let’s face it: if you could do it yourself, you would feel better by now.

Owning Your Beauty Book
Your Energy Level
Toxic Metal Load
Toxic Chemical Load
Feeling Your Best

A voice deep down inside says “SOMETHING IS OFF.” Find out what it is.

My name is Eva Vennari, founder of The Elevate Institute and I say we CAN have it all. Energy like you’ve never experienced before, and a natural glow that helps you feel, and look younger: no fads, no trends, and drug-free.

Take the no-obligation, free assessment to see how you could be using health and beauty treatment fads and trends to cover-up the possible signs of serious illness.

Eva Vennari Founder of the Elevate Institute
About the Elevate Institute los angeles

Healing is a form of anti-aging. If you’re fatigued “all the time”, and I hear this from most everyone I talk to, fatigue won’t stop with the bandaid of coffee by day and wine by night. In fact, it’ll just get worse over time. It threatens your ability to perform because you can’t perform without getting enough sleep for rejuvenation. 

Challenge what you’ve been told is true about healing. I promise to give you something different to think about.

REVEAL The Optimal Health Intensive and Classic Program

Think Differently

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No fads, No trends, No Drugs. Just the real deal… True Holistic Healing that can turn back the hands of time



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