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It starts with a look in the mirror and a judgment about what is seen.”When did THAT get there?”And who do I need to hire to “fix” it?Thus starts the hunt and kill method of beauty care.

This book explores how the author, Eva Vennari, spent thousands researching the latest beauty treatments that, in the end, didn’t solve the real problem… a lack of true, vibrant health.Eva says, “When we spend our time covering-up the signs of illness over addressing the root cause of it, the money we spend today will most likely double the next time.

“She shares with you her story of the two-pronged approach: buying beauty at the salons and medical spas, and going to the doctor to see why the imperfection is there in the first place.See what treatments are common and why you’ll need to repeat them unless you correct the underlying imbalance in the body.

Receive a free lifestyle and nutrient guide that can get you started on a path to an inner beauty that matches your outer beauty today.Lose that sense of not knowing if what you’re doing is helping or hurting you in the long run. If what you’re looking for is to live a holistic lifestyle and live it from within a vital, energetic body then you’ve come to the right place.


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