REVEAL Optimal Health Intensive (4-pay) Service


three additional payments of $1250 are due 30 and 60 days after your initial payment, respectively.

For example: if you purchase 1/1/2022, your next payment is due 2/1/2022, and final payment is due 3/1/2022.


The REVEAL Optimal Health Intensive 4-PAY Service is $5000 (4-payments of $1250) and includes:

  • 2 hair mineral tests to Reveal mineral relationships that are tripping up your energy (same person, 4 months apart).
  • 2 private web consultations to pinpoint underlying and unseen problems and monitor progress (at the time of hair tests)
  • 6 additional 30-minute consultations to Interrupt, Intervein, and Interject ideal foods, habits, and healing modalities that are best for you right now
  • Your personal OHI Manual and healing guide
  • 8-months of Health Desk Support to guide you through the healing reactions
  • $600 Stipend essential supplements credited back to your account
  • 10% off Endo-Met supplements you purchase as you progress on the program

As a client stepping into the REVEAL Optimal Health Intensive Hair Mineral Analysis personalized program, many feel a sense of confidence that their body is finally working for them instead of against them. You can navigate symptoms with ease, and see results of detox with careful ongoing modifications and measurements. In the many years I’ve worked with clients from all over the world, many need a little guidance deciding what’s the next best step on their Progressive Healing Path such as this, and I work hand-in-hand with each individual to carefully Interrupt what’s not serving, Interject what can, and Implement new healthy habits for life, so there is never any guess-work. Accountability is the key to success – Partnering up to accelerate healing.

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REVEAL Optimal Health Intensive (4-pay) ServiceEssential Love