Practitioner’s Choice Near-Infrared Sauna Kit 3-Light


VOC and formaldehyde limits

Royomartin Plywood source sheet


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Best Detox Infrared Sauna made with US/Canadian wood (no formaldehyde) and must meet requirements for no to low VOC because Los Angeles County has some of the harshest, and that’s where we build these units.

$425.00 US



Near-Infrared Sauna, 3-light panel…

The Elevate Institute manufactures the near-infrared sauna 3-light panel as designed especially for the Nutritional Balancing programs informed by Hair Mineral Analysis. We do not recommend using a powerful sauna like this without the guidance and support of a Nutritional Counselor. If you are not currently working with one, contact us for rates on REVEAL tests and EVOLVE training.

These units are SPECIAL ORDER and HANDCRAFTED based on a special design and non-refundable. Lights are placed in specific alignment to maximize exposure to the torso, where you want the lights to shine. Other panels may include a 4th bulb to decrease pre-heat time. A small personal heater added to the enclosure can bring the space up to 115-120 degrees just as easily. A 4th bulb does NOT increase the effectiveness of the sauna what-so-ever. It’s the placement of the bulbs in this triangular design that matters.

Price includes $45 shipping.

Each unit measures 11 1/2″Hx 23 1/2″L so it can fit in a 12×24″ box in which it’s shipped.

Shipped within the continental USA. For orders outside this region, contact us.


  • 3 near-infrared light bulbs, 6000hrs, and shatterproof
  • adjustable hanging chain
  • unpainted wood base with ceramic sockets
  • protective screen
  • 6 screws to install the protective screen
  • on/off switch (ask for an upgrade of a 2-hr silent timer for $80)
  • approx. 10′ power cord

Simply hang in your enclosure on a hook from the included adjustable chain.

It comes mostly assembled. The screen is unsecured on one side. The screws used to fasten it are in place. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove those screws, place the screen to match the opposite side, and screw them back in place. Then install the lamps and hang.

Allow 2 weeks from order to manufacture and ship.

See how we make the sauna on YouTube

Ships within the continental US for $25 (included in price)


Never spend more than 20 minutes in a near infrared lamp sauna unless you are on a complete nutritional balancing program based on a properly performed and properly interpreted hair mineral analysis.  The reason is the sauna can cause profound changes in body chemistry.  These are normal, and if the body is very out of balance, too much sauna use could further upset your body chemistry resulting in serious symptoms.


Excerpt from the Setup Instructions:

Three types of saunas

Three common types of saunas exist. The traditional sauna is a room with a heater. These are found at health clubs and spas. This is the least effective sauna for healing, in our opinion. However, it is used in some detoxification programs, such as the Hubbard program, with excellent success. The far infrared sauna came into use about 45 years ago. It penetrates the skin, which adds another dimension to the sauna experience and appears to enhance detoxification. However, these saunas, if they are truly far infrared, emit damaging electromagnetic radiation to some extent. Also, the frequencies are not the best, in our view. We are not happy with most of these that we test. Therefore, we don’t recommend the far infrared or FIR sauna very much at this time. The near infrared lamp sauna uses infrared heat lamps as the heat source. It also penetrates the deepest of all the saunas and does not emit any harmful electromagnetic fields. It is the best sauna we have found, in general.

How Often

One may use a sauna once a month for pleasure. However, for therapy one must use the sauna at least weekly. For best results, use the sauna each day, once or twice daily. If one is very debilitated, be sure to begin with once or twice a week, and only for 10 or 15 minutes maximum. As you feel comfortable in the sauna, you may increase the time and the frequency of use. Work up to daily use as one is able. When beginning, many people overdo the sauna, either the amount of time inside or the frequency of sauna sessions. Always start slowly, even if you believe you are in superb physical condition. Many people do not sweat easily. Instead, their bodies can overheat if one starts with an hour session, for example. ALWAYS LEAVE ANY SAUNA IF YOU FEEL VERY FAINT, DIZZY OR SICK. This does not mean the sauna is harmful to you. It often just means you are not used to it and your body needs to adapt slowly to sweating and removing toxins through the skin and elsewhere. Over time, you will get used to the heat and the body will sweat better. In a few weeks to a few months, as the body acclimates and is more able to regulate its temperature, sweating becomes easier. Also, the more one relaxes, the more one will sweat.”



Chronic Sinus Infection Reversed

I have suffered from inflamed sinuses for about 40 years. They inhibit my ability to breathe. Also, the sinuses drip day and night and this condition nearly killed my sense of smell. My face was also permanently swollen in the area of the sinuses.
I built a near-infrared lamp sauna three months ago and have been using it once daily for about 35 minutes ever since.
My body seems to be changing since I have started using the sauna, and I have had several instances where I see auras or halos in my eyes after a session has ended, triggered by bright light.
I had a major healing crisis that lasted for about 48 hours about one month ago. My sinuses, cheeks, face, and gums swelled up and drained profusely. When the crisis cleared, I was able to breathe and smell things “normally” for the first time in memory!
I had a slight reversal about ten days later, but I am still better than before I started using the sauna. My face is no longer swollen and the sinuses do not drip anymore at night. My sense of smell is only partially there. You have recommended longer sauna sessions of 45 minutes, and/or having two sauna sessions daily. I will let you know how this affects the sinuses.
Dave S., Galveston Island, Texas

Improved Joints

Thank you for the time spent on the phone with me. Because of you and near-infrared sauna therapy, my wife Joyce, who had been having severe joint pain, is much more comfortable.
Before using lamp sauna as a treatment her joint pain was crippling, especially at night and this also affected her sleep. We tried doctors but nothing helped.
It has been 2 months and with consistent sauna sessions and correct diet, I see her condition only getting better. She still gets pains but not as frequent and not as severe.
Vince P., Long Island N.Y.

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) reversed in an 82-year-old.

I am 82 years old and until recently had COPD to where my oxygen reading on the finger was 84, my lungs were very raspy and I would wheeze when walking. I had been on oxygen for three years with no apparent benefit from the oxygen. I used a CPAP with oxygen at night and a nebulizer four times a day. There was no benefit that could I see.
A year ago I bought a near-infrared lamp sauna. I used it for a time last summer without its cover to condense the heat. It provided some help.
Then two and a half months ago I covered the frame and started using the sauna three times a day. I heat the sauna to 120 degrees and I stay inside for 30 to 45 minutes. After a week of doing this, I began to sweat, first on my back and then the head, neck, underarms, and now my upper torso also sweats a lot. I drink 3 quarts of water daily with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per day (table salt will kill you).
I went to the doctor today. My lungs were normal with no wheezing. The oximeter on the finger read 96, although I had been off oxygen for 6 hours.
I still use need the CPAP and oxygen at night and use a nebulizer several times a day. I am continuing to use the sauna and there is no question this sauna has decreased my COPD a lot.
Bill P.,
Oroville, WA

Edema Improved

My father started his 15-minute near-infrared sauna on June 1, 2007, only two months ago. He has dropped 21 pounds of edema since then, (yes very short) and along with his Rife therapy, he is feeling amazing.
Thanks again, he is 87.
A. Quiroz

Chronic Fatigue Reversed

I have been doing the near infrared sauna therapy protocol daily for 12 weeks now (6 weeks with the near infrared lamps installed), and have seen amazing results in such a short period of time. I am 42 years old and developed chronic fatigue syndrome almost 30 years ago after several illnesses in my childhood and adolescent years.
For decades now, I have been suffering from it. I’ve tried every alternative, nutritional, medical and lifestyle approach I could find, and generally got it to a manageable level, but it always was an ever-present factor in my life that worsened over time.
Prior to the sauna therapy, a good month for me typically had five good days and twenty-five bad days. Now, I’m thrilled to report it’s just the opposite. A typical month for me now has five bad days and twenty-five good days!!! I finally see a future without chronic fatigue and plan to make the sauna protocol part of my health routine for life. Thank you!
T.S. Aptos, California

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