Eva Vennari, Founder of The Elevate Institute

About Eva Vennari

My name is Eva Vennari, founder of The Elevate Institute, LLC and I say we CAN have it all. Energy like you’ve never experienced before, and a natural glow that helps you feel, and look younger: no fads, no trends, and drug-free.

Truly, my story was that of “need is the mother of invention”. It was a journey of sacrifice turned self-love, what ended up being my most valuable life lesson. As I sought medical attention, I realized that was only one of the ways to heal burn-out, chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, fibromyalgia, and hypothyroidism. I was told I’d be on medications for the rest of my life.

Watch the Pause Before The Splash SUE Talk to hear how I overcame the medical incurables.

Eva's Story in her own words at SUE Talks

Eva’s Qualifications

Eva is a certified Nutritional Counselor in Mineral Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis supported by Near Infrared Sauna Therapy. She is also certified in Personal Nutrition, Chakra Healing, Akashic Record Reading, Ensofic Ray Reiki, DNA Life Activation Practitioner, and as a M.I.N.D.S. Holistic Alternative Psychology Master Practitioner.

Eva’s Official Bio

Eva Vennari is the founder and CEO of The Elevate Institute, a cutting-edge health practitioner firm specializing in empowering driven professionals to take charge of their body and their health. She is the Creator of REVEAL Optimal Health Intensive. It is a holistic process that lets you understand exactly what your body needs to heal and rejuvenate so you can continue bringing your talent to the world while feeling great in your body. Through science and common-sense habit changes, one can create shifts for a higher quality of life that far outlast the time invested.

She is on a mission to dismantle the status quo of the sickness industry. Having spent most of her adult life suffering from over 30+ different diagnosable symptoms and fighting for her sanity she decided to take matters into her own hands. That’s when everything shifted and her body went from being the enemy to being her best and most devoted ally and partner.

Eva now educates worldwide on how highly driven professionals can take charge of their well-being and thrive in their lives. Burnout does not need to be the end of vital life.