The Difference Between Hoping and Knowing

I Just Knew… …there was a way for my body to heal itself. It didn’t seem intuitive to think that only doctors could tell me IF something was wrong and then provide a chemical solution [...]


Drinking Alkaline Water For Health

It’s not about the alkalinity of the body. It’s about the pH balance. First thing’s first: what is so important about obtaining a pH balance in the body? The pH balance of the [...]


How Holistic Healthcare Progress Is Different Than Prescriptions

How To Measure Holistic Healthcare Progress You will probably have a lot of moving parts when you first embark on a holistic healthcare program like nutritional balancing. Many people want to [...]


Detox Help – Getting to the Root of the Problem

Great Interview on Arlene Battishill’s PODCAST: What’s Your Next Move Detox Help: Getting to the Root of the Problem, literally Click Play to listen to Detox Help through Hair Mineral [...]


Have More Energy

7 clear signs you’re ignoring the chronic fatigue that leaves you hoping the next cup of coffee will give you more energy than the last. I find myself working with a lot of busy, [...]


Introduction to Nutritional Balancing

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7 Things to Help Soothe Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Medical doctors say they do not know the cause of Multiple Sclerosis. When it comes to nutritional balancing, our combined experience is that mercury and copper toxicity are always involved, and [...]


5 Skills To Teach Your Children For Success In Life

 1. How to express yourself with integrity. Until we can read each other’s minds we will never truly know the intentions of others.  It is better and healthier to depend on our abilities to [...]


Stop the Clearing Cycle

Call it what you like: the esoteric world, new age, or anything that sounds like woo woo, is sometimes hard for people who are not in that arena to acknowledge, give credence to, or think it’s [...]


4 Reasons Why Testing Hair Is Ideal For Simplifying Detox.

Hair provides a unique cellular reading of the mineral levels.  Cells are the major site of metabolic activity.  Typical tests such as blood and urine (while often testing for the presence or [...]

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