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Near Infrared Sauna – Best Detox

Sauna therapy is one of the best ways to remove toxic metals, toxic chemicals, chronic infections and other blockages in the body.  Infrared sauna therapy, in particular, is highly effective for detoxification.

Benefits of using a near infrared sauna:

-Heavy metal detox

-Chemical detox

-Hasten the death of Viruses

-Removes radioactive isotopes

-Acne relief

-Improves circulation

-Strengthens Nervous System

-Relieves internal congestion

-Normalizes Alkalinity and balances pH

-Enhances Oxygenation

-Mood enhancing light therapy

-Assists energy production

-Helps decouple toxins from water molecules

-Improves hydration of body tissue

-Balances the Autonomic Nervous System

-Normalizes enzymatic activity

…and much more

Saunas have at least a one-thousand-year history of being used safely.  Rumor has it American Indian sweat lodges have been in use for 40,000 years!

See how they differ:

 Today many people may use saunas that have chronic illnesses that may affect their ability to tolerate the typical steam or dry sauna’s heat.  In my experience with those with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, joint replacements and many other conditions, the near infrared sauna appears to be very safe.

The sauna panel in the photo above was handcrafted.  Portable units are much easier to take with you when you move, or if you want something less expensive.  If sauna therapy has been recommended for you while on your Nutritional Balancing program, you can purchase a portable unit in the shop.

If you want to make your own sauna, see my YouTube video below for the step-by-step tutorial:

How to Build Your Own Portable Near Infrared Sauna Panel

 Eva Vennari narrating, Domenic Vennari (father) building her unit in his LA, Ca “shop.”

I’ve been building these saunas for several years now starting out with the 3-light unit. About six months ago, a 4-light unit was requested and designed. I liked it so much I decided to make it a regular offering and now both are available in the shop on this website for a great value. This is the least expensive sauna panel you can find on the internet. That’s on purpose. It needs to be accessible. What I love is the fact that they’ve been shipped all over the world.

You can DOWNLOAD the sauna build and use instructions, and testimonials. This is a document by Dr. Lawrence Wilson who describes how to use the sauna once you set it up. Setting it up in your home can be as simple as converting a small empty closet or extra shower stall into an enclosure. The download also gives you build instructions for portable enclosures and other ideas besides using a closet or shower stall. Some of my clients have even gone onto to purchase a regular infrared sauna as the enclosure and simply hang the near infrared panel in it. I hear it works great. The only thing to be aware of is the EMF’s from an infrared sauna box. If you’re sensitive to them more than most, get creative even if it’s a cardboard refrigerator box. Remember to keep the temperature down below 120 degrees F. Start with no more than 20 minutes at a time until your skin activates.

Here are a few signs that indicate that one should leave the sauna soon:

1. The body temperature should not increase more than four degrees.
2. The pulse should not increase more than 50% of the resting pulse.
3. Sweating should not stop suddenly.
4. Some faintness and feeling of fatigue or weakness is normal during or after a sauna session.  However, if you feel very faint, end the sauna session and lay down for at least 10 minutes.

If you have a Nutritional Counselor who can support you on your journey, call them with questions. If not, I’m happy to answer questions.

As of January 2018, I have an affiliate program designed for practitioners. If you are interested in knowing more about this program, email me or click over to the program landing page.

My Testimonial:

“Adding this unit to my nutritional balancing program and using it every day changed my life. For as long as I could remember, my skin was itchy. Every family photo is one of me scratching myself somewhere… caught in the act.

My mom took me to the doctors several times and some recommended lotions, others said it was a fungal infection – either way, nothing helped.

When I started using the sauna I wasn’t expecting my chronic itchy skin to be helped as I was using it to detox heavy metals in my internal organs as part of my program.

After three months of twice daily use, I started a healing reaction. I started to itch all over, in greater intensity and with more irritation than ever before. That lasted another three months as I continued to use the sauna every morning upon waking and every evening before bed. I trusted it was a healing reaction and that it would pass soon. One morning, I woke up and I wasn’t itchy. And you know what? I remain that way today, six years later.

I didn’t have to be diagnosed.

I didn’t have to take any creams or pills.

It’s gone and I believe it’s gone for good.”

Eva Vennari

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