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How To Measure Holistic Healthcare Progress

You will probably have a lot of moving parts when you first embark on a holistic healthcare program like nutritional balancing. Many people want to know when they will start to feel like they’re making progress while on the REVEAL Program. The question is one that comes naturally. It’s what we’re trained to ask when we think about traditional medicine, and how prescriptions function in the body. Let’s introduce a new framework. Keep the old one for instances that involve traditional medicine. Use this new one for holistic healthcare.

Transition To Holistic Healthcare

Transition onto the new mineral supplements and continuing of prescriptions is common… many people come to me because they want to discontinue the use of prescriptions or feel like it’s possible to live without them once their body heals. It’s an adjustment for the mind and for the body. When it comes to symptoms and diagnosis that are tested regularly to make sure they are working properly, there is a bit of difference in how the REVEAL program works by comparison to taking a prescription medicine. With a prescription, you see a move towards the ideal while you’re on the prescription. There is a desired test goal in mind for that condition. The doctor is doing everything he can to bring you into what’s considered “normal range.”

The Expectation

What I tend to see with REVEAL is a gradual uncovering of new metabolism layers which have different levels of imbalance. These layers need to be healed along the way. When enough of those layers are revealed and healed, a new foundation to the body starts to form.  This process enables a better whole body function.

What does that mean? So, you could be on the REVEAL program for a while, feel so much better, because the minerals are supporting energy supply, and then you experience a healing reaction. When that happens you heal a current metabolism layer, which allows for the next layer to be revealed. Now, you’re dealing with a newly uncovered imbalance. It was always there under the old metabolism layer causing stress on the body as an invisible irritant.

This evidence of imbalance represents just a snapshot of how your body was functioning in the past when it had to overcome an imbalance by whatever means necessary. As it is revealed it is now ready for repair. It’s a short-lived imbalance AND it will show up on blood tests. Because blood gives you exactly what’s flowing in the blood at the time of testing. Whatever was the imbalance at that time: toxins, viruses, or whatever, they are active in the body while simultaneously clearing out.

The Confusion

The thing that gets very confusing for most everyone is when they see a blood test that shows a lack somewhere. It’s because they’re going through a healing of an old metabolism the instant thought is they need to change up prescription doses. It comes from training our mindset that wants to see results right after taking prescriptions. Not seeing the expected results makes them believe the program isn’t working. Each person recovers from their imbalances in their own rate and in the body’s perfect order that only it knows is best. So, I can’t even tell you WHEN you’ll experience a change in thyroid levels, weight loss, blood pressure regulation, or cholesterol levels. I know that when someone follows the program reasonably well, it takes anywhere from 1-2 years in total to see lasting changes.

Results Are Slow And Steady…

Results vary and depend on you doing your part. Follow the program as best you can. Do as much of it as you can handle learning to manage the stress from making changes along the way. You’ll see and experience differences along the way, but there’s no way to tell what’s first, second, etc. This is probably the hardest concept to TRUST while doing a program like this. I believe and see results of individuals who tap into their body’s natural ability to heal itself. This happens when the body receives what it needs and as recommended based a hair mineral analysis.

It’s the slow and steady that wins the race here.

To find out if the REVEAL program is right for you, ask for time on the calendar to speak with a nutritional counselor about what’s going on with your body.

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