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Great Interview on Arlene Battishill’s PODCAST: What’s Your Next Move

Detox Help: Getting to the Root of the Problem, literally

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Interview with Arlene Battishill on What’s Your Next Move

New Media Summit

Arlene and I met at the New Media Summit event in San Diego in April of 2018. If you’ve never heard of this event before, you can get a taste of it from the live stream of each of us attendees pitching to be guests on 40 of American’s Top Podcasters’ shows at the bottom of this blog. If you’re really ambitious you can see me pitch during the evening session on Friday. I’m the last in the group of “E’s”.

Sharing ideas

It was an epic four days filled with ideas worth sharing. It all starts with a 2:00-minute timer, and a room of 400 ears. You can say quite a bit in just 120 seconds, but there’s nothing like having a consciously guided sincere conversation to get to know someone. That’s just what Arlene and I had a chance to do at the end of one of those long days. For this curious, motorcycle-riding business coach, hair mineral analysis was a new idea. I loved how the idea made sense to her. As you’ll find out in the interview, she’s not a science nerd, like me, yet had a great fascination for the process and how one could get scientifically backed data to see what is going on inside the body.

Best conversation ever

In the short time over refreshments, we decided to book me as a guest on her show, What’s Your Next Move. I was delighted. We had the opportunity to record our conversation and it was the best one ever. Usually, I spend a lot of time with each curious new potential client to explain what a person can really achieve with nutritional balancing and hair mineral analysis. If you listen to this interview in full, you’ll be led down a path of discovery by Arlene’s fantastic questions.

What’s Your Next Move

If after listening to this podcast interview you decide you want to find out how hair mineral analysis can assist in your overall health and wellness plan, reach out to me on my hotline: 408-800-7353, or pick out a time that works best for you on my Live Calendar.

New Media Summit Livestream

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