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It’s not about the alkalinity of the body. It’s about the pH balance.

First thing’s first: what is so important about obtaining a pH balance in the body? The pH balance of the body is very important. Being out of balance in either direction can be deadly, no joke. It predisposes you to many metabolic imbalances and diseases including cancer. While hair mineral analysis doesn’t test body fluids such as urine, blood or saliva, we can see the stress-load on a body by looking at the relationship of minerals in the metabolism… and it has nothing to do with drinking alkaline water.

How do we achieve pH balance?

The vast majority of the population we’ve tested are too acidic at the cellular level. How do we know this? On a hair mineral test, we analyze the major alkaline reserve minerals that maintain the pH balance throughout the body. These mainly consist of calcium, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. Metabolism and the basic energy systems of the body happen in the cellular structure where these minerals are stored.

Can you obtain cellular pH balance with alkaline water?

It does not matter if body fluids like urine and saliva test alkaline. When it comes to metabolism, if the cellular structure is too acidic, that’s related to the mineral makeup of the body and that has nothing to do with drinking alkaline water. So, just drinking artificially alkalinized water does little or nothing to replace these vital minerals in the cellular structure.

Why did I feel better when I started drinking alkaline water if it’s so bad for me?

There are many companies selling alkaline drinking water. Any of the MLM or Direct Sales marketing companies have recruited well-meaning lovely people to represent them and they are enthusiastic and have a great deal of emotional attachment when sharing their products. One of the main rebuttals within a conversation is, “Why did I feel better when I started drinking alkaline water if it’s so bad for me?” Well, when you stop drinking soda pop, coffee, and tea so much and take in a bunch of water alkaline or not, you’ll probably feel better just by giving up all the other drinks.

What are the hazards of drinking alkaline water?

Drinking alkaline water can actually de-mineralize the body which leads to further imbalances. I run into that often. Recently, a new client who started the REVEAL program also just purchased an alkaline water filter, and used to swear by it… until he saw his hair mineral test. He came to me because he had developed heart palpitations, gained a lot of weight, and was suffering from over 20 other symptoms. I asked him to stop drinking his alkaline water for 30 days and just go back to spring water. During that time, he lost 10 pounds, and his heart palpitations stopped. And this is just one instance.

I asked him to stop drinking his alkaline water for 30 days and just go back to spring water. During that time, he lost 10 pounds, and his heart palpitations stopped.

Important considerations:

According to Nutritional Balancing Science founders, “water from alkaline water machines replaces the vital minerals with a little cadmium, lead, arsenic, and other toxic metals found in tap water and not filtered by any carbon filters that I am aware of. Some filtering systems claim to filter out toxic metals… Those filters …that are said to remove a lot of toxic metals tend to damage the water even worse. Reverse osmosis is an example of this type, along with KDF and other types of “advanced” filtration media.”

It’s good to note that certain body parts and systems are supposed to be acidic. Take for example the stomach and brain, and also we can become acidic when we are fighting off an infection or illness. This is the body’s natural defense and tampering with it using manufactured alkaline water hampers the body’s natural healing ability. In constantly filling the body with alkaline water, it’s basically sending a signal to each cell that it is already alkaline and resists the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Inform yourself and read documents from organizations that have nothing to do with selling alkaline water. Read what the Mayo Clinic has to say on the subject, and do your own research.

Is it too late for those drinking alkaline water?

No, if you’re still breathing, your body is doing what it can to overcome the imbalances every day. Eventually, you may develop signs and symptoms that can’t be ignored. Want to make sure you haven’t depleted your body of the nutrient pH balancing minerals it needs? I invite you to test your hair. There’s no obligation to start on a nutritional balancing program like REVEAL. You can simply send us your hair sample to be analyzed and we’ll give you the low-down for a one-time low cost. Find out more today.


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