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I Just Knew…

…there was a way for my body to heal itself. It didn’t seem intuitive to think that only doctors could tell me IF something was wrong and then provide a chemical solution that didn’t align with nature. I came to believe that the body was designed perfectly to rejuvenate if I were to give it what it needs. This knowing came from trying my hardest to make it work within a dysfunctional relationship with the “bad boyfriend” of American Medicine.

There’s no fun in Dysfunction

Have you been there; feeling stuck in a bad relationship, frustrated because you’re not feeling heard, you can’t seem to feel appreciated – dismissed because you aren’t a priority? There’s always reasons or excuses as to why things aren’t quite right, and usually, you feel like the blame falls squarely on your shoulders. And then the worst is when you ask, “Why is this happening?” The response is a “We don’t know, but maybe you should get psychiatric treatment.”

Medicine Healing, ?

That’s when I realized I was barking up the wrong tree for healing. The model of American Medicine has it’s uses. I find myself saying very often, “If I break a bone or sever something, I want to go to the experts and when they’re done sewing me up, I want to leave right away.” Healing, healthy lifestyles, and nutrition are not their forte. And that’s ok. I’m terrible at mending bones and can’t stand the sight of blood. We all have our strengths and we as the customers need to understand where to go to find the right kind of help.

The Long Wait

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue after 10 years of going from doctor to doctor hoping for answers who kept saying, “you’re stressed.” In the meantime, I ended up with all that goes with Chronic Fatigue: anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia, IBS, itchy skin, and much, much more. It wasn’t until I stopped and listened to what all my doctors were saying, and I believed them when they said, “We don’t know.” It wasn’t I who was making the judgment. Remember, I kept going to them even though the answers were actually my problem renamed in Latin as a diagnosis. (Diagnosis is nowhere near being healed.)

In fact, I remember asking one doctor, “If I give up the search for what’s wrong, take these drugs and end up in a wheel-chair like you’re suggesting, how will I work and raise my kids?”

His answer rings in my ears today,

“You’ll end up on Social Security Disability and you’ll be a burden to the people.”

Uh, no!

I’m here to be a productive part of society. There had to be a way, and I believed there was a way to recover fully. It took thousands of dollars, many trial and error lifestyle changes, diets, and supplements to find what resonated with me. Being blessed with insomnia, up at 3 o’clock in the morning, I recall creating a search string in Google with all my symptoms and diagnosis. I stumbled upon an article through a series of clicks and something caught my eye. It was an article that to anyone else’s eye would be boring, long and dry. But this was about me. The author was describing my situation, my symptoms, and my pain. He also described that “if you give your body what it needs, it can heal itself.”

The Moment

Ha! That’s when I KNEW. I could feel it. I found something that made sense to me. And I hear this statement from many of my clients before they start the program… “It just makes sense to me.”

I spent years hoping American Medicine could help. But hope carries with it a sense of doubt. Knowing is just that. You know, and I knew if I could figure out what exactly my body needs based on the mineral relationship within my body, I would heal as designed. We are, after all, made of minerals, of the Earth, and meant to thrive in joy, not just be symptom-free.

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