TEI-Time Tarot Energy Readings

What are TEI-Time Tarot Energy Readings?

Welcome to T.E.I., The Elevate Institute! My name is Eva Vennari and I am the founder of this company. In this first video, I’d like to give you a brief introduction to who I am and why I offer Tarot as a holistic health practitioner.

In addition to my healing arts certifications and diplomas, I’m also Certified in Tarot by Austin Peay State University. I’ve been offering tarot energy readings for many years, honing my intuitive and psychic skills to augment the classic Tarot. At T.E.I., we believe that the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected and that Tarot can offer a unique perspective on your holistic health journey.

So, whether you’re seeking guidance on your career, relationships, or personal growth, our personalized Tarot energy readings can help you tap into the hidden energies influencing your life and guide you toward greater clarity and fulfillment. Discover what the cards reveal about your past, present, and future, and gain insights into the forces shaping your journey. Book your Tarot energy reading now and start unlocking your full potential. Thank you for choosing T.E.I., where we believe that elevating your life starts with elevating your energy!

Who buys tarot energy readings?

My clients tend to be high-level business executives dealing with a myriad of physical symptoms. First and foremost, I’m a holistic health practitioner and I’ve expanded my business to include access to my spiritual and intuitive healing gifts which includes tarot energy readings.

As individuals start on a personalized healing program, the natural removal of toxins is often accompanied by the need to process emotional wounds. The clearing of inherited life lessons, or discovering a need to gain information for the purposes of closure may also occur. For this, I use Tarot energy readings to guide the healing. So, think about what you want to focus on. We can pick just one energy reading or create a personal package.

As described in the video above, here you can study the myriad of spreads I use. Pick one or combine them. Ask me about event specials.


Celtic Cross Energy Reading $79 ~ LOVE&MONEY, these subjects go hand in hand energetically. What subject do you want to focus on first? During these I provide:

  • A 10-card spread – Querant’s choice of deck (I’m the steward of over 30 decks. I’ll help you choose if you like.)
  • We reveal the journey of the subject in question; the foundation, what’s happened, things to consider and possible outcome
  • Clarifying with as many 3-card expansions as needed to feel “complete” with the subject.

3-cardr readingClassic 3-Card Reading $40~ Do you feel blocked? During this reading I provide:

  • A 3-Card spread to give you an Answer to your single, burning question that’s been nagging you in the back of your mind.
  • We will fully clarify to dig in for an in-depth experience. See what single, critical thing is standing in your way between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Any category of life; your choice of question or elect to let the Universe provide. Fully clarified details… usually takes 5-10 minutes to complete.



Each of the decks I mention specifically, taught me these special readings. They sit outside a typical 3-card or Celtic Cross spread that is most common among classically-trained readers. I’ve used these spreads on friends, family, and strangers. Everyone comments on how “eerily accurate” they are.

Shadow Tarot Energy Reading ~ What’s hiding in your negative ego that needs healing? Do you feel blocked or burdened? During these I provide:

  • A 12-card spread using up to two decks to create the foundational story; The Good Tarot and Shadowscapes Tarot
  • We reveal and discuss negative ego obstacles if present,
  • Clarifying cards until the questioner’s answer is complete (and I get nosy too)
  • Discuss solutions to whatever was found and a strategy for implementation. This may apply to several subjects.


Storyboard Tarot Energy Reading ~ Who’s in your energy, why are they there, and what do you need to do about it? During these I provide:

  • A 15-card spread with the Wild Unknown Tarot.
  • We reveal the foundation of the current situation, where you are in the thick of it, and what’s coming toward you if nothing changes.
  • Bottom of the deck pairs are revealed for more insight – these are at the core of the issue and sometimes we’re blind to these energies or are in denial
  • Clarifying may occur with multiple decks as they “speak” through the readings intuitively.


The Milano 1810 Love Tarot Energy Reading ~ Is your Facebook status, “It’s Complicated”? Gain clarity to get unstuck in matters of the heart. During these I provide:

  • A 6-card spread using one of the oldest decks around, The Milano 1810 Tarocco Neoclassico.
  • Peek into each person’s current state of affairs – who better to ask than the Italians?
  • Clarifying third-party situations and provide the best solution for actions to take or to feel closure.


Between THIS or THAT Tarot Energy Reading ~ Are you deciding between two options? Two lovers, two job offers, two homes, etc? Let tarot provide the possible outcomes of each. During these I provide:

  • A 6-card spread – Querant’s choice of deck (I’m the steward of over 30 decks. I’ll help you choose if you like.)
  • Peek into the result of each option
  • We’ll dig into motives, hidden pitfalls, and any other energy that shows up.


Dragon Tarot Energy Reading for Twin Flames ~ So, you’ve found your twin flame? Can also be used for complicated relationships of any kind. During these I provide:

  • A 9-card spread revealing the twin flame lover’s journey using The Dragon Tarot
  • This is a masculine vs feminine aspect cyclical reading.
  • Usually, this is a path for few people. It defines a difficult relationship that can result in a divine partnership if you’re willing to put in the hard work. You’ll see how this contract pans out.




The option to record any of these is available whether we meet in person or via Zoom. Be sure to have enough space on your device.


About TEI-Time Tarot and Tarot Energy Reading in general

Tarot energy readings are a powerful tool for gaining insight and guidance on your holistic health journey. While they are not meant to divine the future, Tarot energy readings can give you more control over the steering wheel of your life. By providing a unique perspective on the energies influencing your path, Tarot energy readings allow you to make more informed decisions and take action steps that are aligned with your highest good.

Remember, Tarot energy readings are not a prediction of what will happen, but rather a reflection of the energies that are present in your life at this moment. If you do nothing to change your current circumstances, the possible outcome becomes more probable. However, Tarot energy readings empower you to play with action steps you can take in your own life and their probable outcomes, allowing you to create the future you desire.

At T.E.I., we are committed to providing personalized Tarot energy readings that offer you insights and guidance for your highest good. So if you’re ready to take control of your life and unlock your full potential, book your Tarot energy reading today and start on your journey towards greater clarity and fulfillment. Thank you for choosing T.E.I., where we believe that Tarot energy readings are a powerful tool for elevating your life.