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Reasons for Retesting

Dispelling 7 Myths

Retesting is the only way to know, at a deep level, if your recommendations are still appropriate. Only a retest will REVEAL what changes are needed.

How often? Retest every 4 months. (no longer than 6 for slow oxidizers)

How many? That depends on your starting point. How out of balance are you? Most need at least 3 >> Some need 6 >> and few need more.

Here’s the deal: If a retest is postponed, progress may STAGNATE. Or, the mineral program might further UNbalance you rather than move you toward better health.

MYTH: Nutritional supplements are harmless.

You may be right for some general supplements, like VitD3 or EPA DHA. However, there is no “good for you” or “bad for you” all the time. You see, it’s a dynamic and ever-shifting need the body has as it’s trying to compensate for the ongoing detoxification it needs to do while on the REVEAL Program. One test period, you won’t need a multi-vitamin, but the next test period, you will.

For example, A fast oxidizer doesn’t do well on a B-complex vitamin. It can make a person’s anxiety worse! Diet or supplement program could also make a person even more depressed. If toxic metals are eliminating, you may require different supplements, a different detoxification regimen, or lifestyle changes to support the process.

These are just a few examples of why retesting is so critical for the best results with mineral balancing.


  1. Safety. Retests are needed to make sure the healing program is actually improving one’s health, rather than making it worse or having little positive effect.
  2. Maintaining a high vitality level. We find that when the mineral program is set up to gently balance body chemistry, your vitality increases dramatically. This is necessary for deep healing and spiritual development. Retesting on time is the only way to see if the program is appropriate to maximize vitality and create adaptive energy production.
  3. Addressing new stress factors in a person’s life. Retests allow us to alter a mineral balancing program to account for the changes in your life from diet, to new external circumstances that may be affecting body chemistry. Think of: accidents, divorce, and even a new job or a move… remove the judgment about something being good or bad. All change creates stress to overcome.
  4. Insights about puzzling symptoms. Symptoms such as fatigue, pain, or even low blood sugar may be due to temporary changes in body chemistry that will be revealed on a retest. If you know what is happening at the deepest cellular level, you can take steps to change the program. That often relieves these symptoms. Symptoms can be physical, mental, and emotional.
  5. Addressing latent and sub-clinical health conditions. Most people have latent health conditions. These can chronic infections, tumors, tissue weaknesses… issues that are so small or mild they are not revealed on standard medical tests. Two things to consider: 1. they are important if one is to prevent health problems later in life. 2. even though you don’t have major symptoms now, the imbalance that allows for the latent condition is still present and probably creating inflammation. Mineral balancing science can address these hidden conditions, especially when you follow the program well. Often the only evidence of their existence is a significant shift on a hair mineral retest after a person has been on a mineral balancing program for several months.
  6. Dollars and Sense. Give the body the right tools to heal at the right time. If you were redecorating your house, would you send in the dry wall company when what you need is paint? The answer is, “NO!” It is often a waste of money and effort to remain on a mineral program that is not appropriate for one’s body chemistry.
  7. It’s a partnership. Retests provide a lot of reassurance for both you and me. If no change occurs at all on a retest, for example, it there could be minor strategies we can talk about to make it easier to follow the program more completly.

I’ve noticed that when someone remains on a mineral balancing program for several years, the process of spiritual development will begin to occur. This subtle development is like finally having that clean windshield so you can see where you’re going. The body performs it’s subtle energy flow so much better without the toxic interference. For me, it the gradual decrease in toxins and mineral imbalanaces created more space for the subtle metaphysical gifts I use every day. This helps me live and work in my life’s purpose.

Results are different for each person. You can start at any-time. You’ve already decided you want to feel your best. So why stop short. When your destination is cross-country, it doesn’t make sense to ask the pilot to stop half-way. Let’s do this.

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