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You’ve received the first of a series of emails to help guide you through the process of starting a nutritional balancing program.

Letter 1: Every few days during your first 90 days on the program you’ll learn something in one of the four categories of S.E.L.F.

  • Supplement
  • Environment and Energy
  • Lifestyle
  • Food as Fuel

Nutritional balancing is a sophisticated, integrated system for healing the body at a very deep level.  It is about 45 years old, and it uses principles from both ancient and modern healing arts to drastically increase the vitality level of the body.

It employs modern theories such as the stress theory of disease, metabolic typing, cybernetics, holography, fractal mathematics, chaos theory, biological transmutation of the elements, and other physics and engineering concepts.  These are combined with up-to-date Western medical physiology and biochemistry.

Development. Symptom removal and eradication of diseases of all kinds are wonderful, but one can go beyond this level of healing.

Nutritional balancing is development science.  Development is a unique process that is natural to human beings but does not occur often because the bodies are malnourished, and drug medicine and most nutritional programs do not provide the nutrients and conditions needed for development.

Development increase one’s mental functioning improves the immune response far above that which most people achieve with any other healing program and can extend life.

Nutritional balancing is not a remedy science and does not involve the diagnosis of diseases.  In this way, it differs markedly from modern allopathic medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, herbalism, and almost all nutritional therapies.  Remedies are simply not needed, in almost all cases, if one balances the body properly.

Diagnosis of diseases is not needed, either, in almost all cases.  This was remarkable to me, as I was trained in medical diagnosis and treatment.  However, if one renourishes and balances the body chemistry properly, most diseases and symptoms simply vanish.

Based on this observation, I theorize that most disease is simply evidence of the body’s whole system out of balance.  When the whole body system becomes balanced and strengthened at deep levels, most “disease entities” disappear on their own without a need to know all about them and without a need to name them.

Diet and lifestyle-based. The core of this system of healing depends upon a proper diet and lifestyle.  If you will not eat cooked vegetables three times daily, this healing and development system is not for you.  Many of our clients want to skip the diet and just take nutritional supplements or do the procedures, but this does not work well at all.

Nutritional supplements.  Nutritional balancing programs always include eight to ten rather simple nutritional supplements to supply basic nutrients.  The products usually include a multivitamin specially formulated for one’s metabolic type, supplementary calcium, magnesium, zinc, kelp and trimethylglycine, perhaps a glandular supplement, and in some cases a few others.

If a person cannot take the supplements, it is fine to begin a program with just the diet and the procedures outlined below.  In most cases, in a few weeks to a month or so, one will be able to tolerate the supplements better.

Use of hair mineral testing. Choosing the supplements and dosing them is done using a special method of interpreting a hair tissue mineral analysis, preferably from hair on the head, face, underarm or chest, and not pubic hair.  Hair testing is a mineral biopsy of the body, and completely different than blood and urine tests.

The hair must not be washed at the laboratory and it must be interpreted according to stress theory and cybernetic methods, not others.  At this time, (2015) I only recommend Analytical Research Labs for hair testing, because all the other labs do not do the test properly and results are not accurate enough.

The success of the method depends on this test.  I have tried using tests of the blood, urine or other medical or holistic testing methods, but they do not work nearly as well.

The hair test is repeated every 3 to 6 months to monitor progress, and to change the nutritional balancing program in order to keep the body chemistry properly balanced as it heals.  This is also critical to the success of the programs.  At times, one must change the program before it is time for a retest of the hair.

Detoxification procedures. Nutritional balancing also includes a recommendation to use a near-infrared light sauna, but not others, on a daily basis for up to an hour or even more, in some instances.  Another highly recommended detoxification procedure is daily coffee enemas.

Another excellent procedure is daily foot reflexology.  This is quite an amazing and simple healing method.  One can do it at home on oneself, or another person can assist.  Another recommended procedure is to twist the spine daily to help keep the spine loose and correct some subluxations of the spine.  Finally, I suggest a particular mental training exercise that is very powerful, safe, and simple to do at home.  These together constitute the procedures of nutritional balancing.  They are not required, but they speed progress and are essential for some people in order to become healthy.


Nutritional balancing science was developed by Dr. Paul C. Eck, during the late 1970s and early 1980s.  Dr. Eck was a mineral researcher who spent his entire adult life developing the ideas and practical application of this science.

He drew upon the work of many innovative doctors and scientists of the twentieth century, including Hans Selye, MD (the stress theory of disease), Melvin Page, DDS (autonomic nervous system balancing), and George Watson, Ph.D. (originated the oxidation types).  He synthesized a new system of healing specifically for the needs of the 21st century.  I was blessed to have spent 14 years as his apprentice and assistant.

Dr. Paul Eck passed on in 1996.  I continue his work, standing on the shoulders of giants, to bring the message of hope to individuals like you all over the world.


Results. With nutritional balancing, healing of symptoms takes place at its own pace, and in its own order.  This is quite different than remedy sciences such as drug medicine, herbs, homeopathy and most naturopathy.  Results often begin within a few weeks but may take much longer if sub-clinical conditions need to be corrected first.

Retracing.  Most everyone goes through flare-ups of old symptoms on this program.  These are called retracings, a concept that is well known in chiropractic, but not in allopathic medical science.  It only occurs with deep healing programs, of which nutritional balancing is one.

Commitment.  Nutritional balancing programs involve some discipline and commitment of time and energy to learn and follow the diet, take the supplements, and hopefully to do the procedures.  However, even children and babies do extremely well on the programs, and anyone can learn to do the program.

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