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Stop the Clearing Cycle

Spiritually-lead healing does not have to be never-ending

Call it what you like: the esoteric world, new age, or anything that sounds like woo woo, is sometimes hard for people who are not in that arena to acknowledge, give credence to, or think it’s worth discussing. This article is not for those people. This article is for the sensitive person who knows there’s more to this world that what we can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. It’s been a huge part of my life. And, interestingly enough, it only really started to become a progressively larger part of my experience, when my body was cellularly stronger from doing a nutritional balancing program. As my body became less and less toxic, or more static-free, the esoteric world became more prominent and just as real as the 3D world, what we can experience through the 5 senses that we can take for granted.

Grounded woo to stop the Clearing Cycle

I joke about hair mineral analysis being a process that’s scientific with a chance of woo woo. For me, everything started with the hair. It was about the facts. Just give me the facts. Tell me what’s going on with my body, so I can take the right supplements, and do the saunas, and coffee treatments, and get my body feeling better. I just wanted relief from the pain. I was so much in pain that even if I was connected to a higher source of influence, it would have been difficult to hear my own inner wisdom because simply, no one can hear inner wisdom when you’re self-centered like you are when in pain. It’s been true for me, and true for many of my clients. It becomes a satisfying conversation when those who work with me find themselves in conversation about things beyond supplements, near infrared sauna practices, and other physical modalities and move on to subjects like their Akashic Record, past lives, healing traumas, chakra centers, energy healings, meditations that take them to out of body experiences, and the list goes on.

As a result of all this inner knowledge coming to the surface of the conscious mind, there’s more to sift through, more to deal with, and we only have the energy to deal with those things that come to the surface to be healed, but it begs a question. For me, I see all these practices, including my own, that require you to be on an ongoing saga of “clearing” something. Is that really the new norm? Are we really supposed to be in a constant state of clearing past life traumas, afflictions, curses, hexes, and who knows what else? Is that the lot in life of an enlightened person?

Ongoing clearing is often promoted

This subject of ongoing clearing has had me thinking and questioning for about a year now. I first heard the notion from the co-founder of nutritional balancing, Dr. Wilson.  We were on the phone discussing a client, and he brought up the fact that he was going through a clearing of his own. He had been on a nutritional balancing program for many years, and while I was being trained, I recall my trainer mentioning that he was going through clearings even before this conversation. It came to my mind that even in those moments when I heard of this, I asked myself the question, is this what I have to look forward to, constant, and ongoing clearing?

What if there’s an answer, through the esoteric, multidimensional world that covers a person from this moment on? What if there’s a reprogramming of thought that could rid you of needing to clear yourself from trauma, emotional pain, inherited fear, disconnected rage, you name it? Isn’t that more interesting?  It is to me because I don’t like doing things repeatedly. I want to do something once, I want to do it right, and I want to do it right the first time and not have to repeat it. A personal note tells me that’s probably why I am productive.

Science and New Age Converge

So, consider this; what do I mean by reprogramming? If you follow Lee Carol and the channel through him called Kryon, you may be aware of something he calls CAL or Cells Are Listening. He talks about the new human ability to reprogram the innate to filter the Akashic Record as you command, how to command perfect health through consciousness, and more. Even if you don’t believe in any of that, you may have heard of something called NLP, or neurolinguistics programming. Not so esoteric, but still deals with the subconscious and the human condition as our current expression relates to our parents, in particular, and other relationships. Don’t believe in past lives? Well, then you’ve heard of hypnotherapy, where you go into the subconscious and reprogram and release trauma in sessions, yes? Are they not all the same, or so similar in their nature, you could say they’re related? If yes, then you’re with me.

Next, think about what it means to “clear” a trauma or life event from any point in your soul’s experience. Just hang on to that for a moment. Right here in this point of reference, a moment in time, like a spot on your permanent record, there’s a trauma. Isn’t it only a trauma because you lacked the skill to deal with it at the moment? Do you remember EVERY time someone cut you off on the freeway? No, you remember just the moments where you felt completely helpless or had NO LOGICAL REASON WHY IT SHOULD HAVE OCCURRED IN THE FIRST PLACE. I cannot express this enough.

This could be the last Clearing Meditation Method you ever do

My question is this: What if you gave up the judgment assigned about if that thing that happened was good or bad? Hard?

Try this: What if you expanded your experience at that moment to include the other person. Can’t do that?


Try this: What if you remember we are all connected, our Akashic Records are all intertwined while on this planet, and when we are not in a body on this planet we are all part of the One collective God Source Energy, and unable to be separate from each other? What if I take it a step further and say your higher-self is the bridge between your expression in your body right now and that place on the other side of the veil where we are all part of the One collective God Source Energy? Can you go there? Can you see the possibility of that experience? Are you able to then allow for two things to happen: 1) we GET TO act out free-will 2) we are responding as intended, as agreed, along the way, in order to progress each other’s spiritual journey?

Sit with this for just a moment. It allows for a few things. See if you come to the same or similar conclusions I did before reading on. Really take a minute to absorb this idea. Keep it, pin it, and remember it.

Now, let’s explore more together. It’s not a strange notion to realize that most of us have amnesia from one life expression to another. We die and are born with little to no memory of just about everything from our previous expressions along the time-space continuum. I acknowledge the new ones being born with the current template that allows them to know how to do things automatically, recognize parents, and remember people from previous lives, but for those of us who were born pre 2000, we have to do the manual upgrade and deal with the amnesia. What’s coming through for us are parts and pieces of our old expressions. They’re coming at us from all time. Well, if we can remember our traumas, who says we can’t remember the entirety of the situation that we didn’t even know about at the time?

Walk through this with me. If we are all connected, and time does not exist on the other side of the veil, yet we are connected through our higher-selves to the other side of the veil, that means we have access to all information from each human who ever lived, is living, and will live on this planet and possibly on other planets, but let’s just deal with this one. Do you agree that we tend to dwell on the negative? It’s been a state of human nature (which I’m about to question) that says we focus on the negative and we like to complain… I would even go so far to say that we’re addicted to complaining. If you think I’m wrong, try going without complaining about something for a full day and see how you do. So it’s easier for the traumas or negative memories to be in our consciousness, even our subconscious.

Why not think of those traumas that currently plague the heart and mind, and INVITE MORE INFORMATION into the traumatic moment so that it expands, allowing for free-will, and spiritual growth of everyone involved and come to a place of completion, pardon, and even gratitude for playing your part in the unfolding and expansion of another human being? Does that resonate? Does it sit well with you? Do you feel a lightness come from the center of the body? Can you let go of the need to feel the pain? You may find that the pain is suddenly gone. The event still happened. Everyone who was involved is still involved. You were still traumatized, but the emotional charge that accompanied it is now falling flat. This line of expression feels freeing, light, possible, free of restriction, open, flowing and good. You are seen, acknowledged for being there, playing your part, reacting appropriately, feeling the pain when it was appropriate, and now feeling the fullness of the bigger picture.

Apply that to all expressions of life you’ve ever lived, to all traumas you’ve ever experienced, and come to know that you never get it wrong, and you never get it done. We are eternal and far wiser than we give ourselves credit for… we just can’t remember shit well enough for it to be useful.

This need to clear seems to be something that’s occurring for indigo children especially. We are in our heads a lot, we’re very analytical, and often experience poor health as a result of the cavitation that occurs when our “old school” parents try to get us to do things their way and what we know to be good and true for us in the “new age” way we were born with but in acknowledging it would put is in harms way. That’s the crux of our traumas in many cases. I know it to be true for mine. It just doesn’t explain away all the other traumas from all lifetimes across time and space. I’m still downloading new ideas as I’m sure you are too, about, well, everything. We’re in changing times. For some, change is negative. I’m learning to embrace it, and roll with the punches, and at the same time apply the principles of living on purpose by creating my future with meditation so I expect the best always, always, and plan for benevolence. I invite you to do the same and to stop focusing on constant clearings.

Deep breath. Relax. Know you are everything you need to be right now and at this moment, just as you are, and always have been.

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