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You decide, “Holistic is the way to go for me.” You’re doing all the research, filling your hungry and curious mind with the latest technology, and becoming an expert in whatever you feel will help you. But, are you truly using holistic practices?

I run into so many people who tell me they are looking for holistic treatment, but instead of dealing with the body as a whole, they’re still hunting down a specific symptom. What do I mean by “hunting down?” If you are on the Internet looking up symptoms to self-diagnose and cure, you are practicing Allopathic medicine.  This is the same as realizing you have a complaint, going to the doctor, and taking a prescription. It’s the Hunt and Kill method of healthcare.

“Doctor, my thyroid is messed up.  I just know it because that’s what everything I’ve been researching points to,” you say.

Her reply, “Let’s draw blood, confirm that is the issue, and then we’ll prescribe the appropriate thyroid replacement chemicals.  You’ll probably be on it for the rest of your life.”

“No, no, Eva, I’m using all natural methods like hormone replacement and essential oils meant just for that problem”, you say.

Same response from me… Ok, those are options.  Let me introduce to you an alternative. When we take your hair sample and test it for HOW THE BODY IS DISPOSING of 22 different preferred minerals and toxic metals, we can see how efficiently the body is running as a whole. The individual levels are somewhat important, but it’s really about the RELATIONSHIP between minerals in the body that determines how much energy you have. And really, how much energy the body has to create new cells, digest and process the food you eat, how well glands are working like the thyroid and the adrenals if you’re inflammatory in nature or have specific and mineral needs for your metabolic oxidation rate.  That’s quite a bit of information. From that, we can determine the right blend of supplements and the best foods for YOU to reduce the stress in the body, increase energy, and give the body what it needs so it can go about correcting imbalances on its own.

Nutritional Balancing has been around for over 50 years. It is a truly holistic approach. You’ll never see me recommend a diet fad, like alkaline water, or lemon and oil flushes. This is a tried and true method for stress reduction, and it’s the only thing that rid me of my chronic conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, anxiety, mercury toxicity, copper toxicity, uranium toxicity, IBS, fibromyalgia, etc.

If you’re considering doing something else first to diagnose a problem and “see if it’s___”, I question the line of thought. Are you truly looking for a Holistic approach or do you just want a pill?

See your doctor to rule out any serious medical conditions, then come see me. Nutritional Balancing backed by a hair mineral analysis won’t change your health overnight, but with the properly analyzed hair test, your effort and patience, you could experience more than just symptom relief… you could feel better than you ever thought possible.

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