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I’m remembering all the moments in over-airconditioned doctor offices waiting to be seen while wearing one of those flimsy robes. There were so many different doctors from the orthopedic to the endocrinologist, all my experiences were similar.

The most common response was being handed a prescription. The one I didn’t expect was a doctor who physically turned his back on me and said I needed to see a psychologist to work out my hypochondriac tendencies because my bloodwork showed everything was “within normal range.”

Fired. I fired all of them. One at a time I tore up their cards. It wasn’t until I ran into an article early one morning about copper toxicity, adrenal burnout, and how to take responsibility for one’s own health that my health started to improve. This decision to take responsibility for my own health, I feel, is what saved my life.

The choice is yours if you decide to reject or accept the various opinions presented by your doctor or even me, for that matter. No one should ever force you, or rush you into doing anything… not taking a new medication or doing surgery. Get the information you need to make your own decision.

How? Think about what you’ve read that resonates with your beliefs. Discuss it with those who have been where you are and have the outcome you desire. Compare that input with other points of view, because in the end, you are the one who bears all the responsibility for the decision. No one else lives in your body, but you.

Even when you do this, there’s no guarantee that your journey will be smooth or that things won’t go wrong. That could happen even on the doctor’s watch.

Alternative healthcare is becoming more mainstream and more widely accepted. It’s my opinion this is happening because it actually works! I suggest using your doctor for those times when you must “put out a fire” so to speak… set broken bones, reattach severed digits, etc.  When you need healing – all those things that come after you recover from the surgery, when the cast comes off, or even chemotherapy – you might find more satisfying results from those practitioners who tap into the body’s natural ability to heal instead of those who want to take over the body’s functions with drugs and unnecessary procedures.

It is not easy to sort through all the various options. However, when you take the time to do so, the reward is clear – with your perseverance and tenacity you can find your own way to the health you desire, integrity intact.

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