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Come see what’s so different about Nutritional Balancing and what effects its simple approach can have on one’s health.  Others are coming to believe it to be one of the most advanced types of healing programs available.  It’s a unique approach for detecting nutritional imbalances and correcting body chemistry, it is highly accurate and powerful for correcting many chronic conditions.

The program is set up to balance the body chemistry, primarily.  It is designed to remove toxic metals and toxic chemicals by gently and safely replacing them with vital or nutrient minerals the body prefers. And science made it simple by calling them “preferred minerals.”

We do not need to use drugs nor do we need intravenous or oral chelating agents. The program also attempts to predict and prevent future health conditions. Many people have latent or hidden conditions they are unaware of because obvious symptoms have not presented yet or the condition is in its early stages.  As the body’s chemistry balances, it has the energy and resources to correct these conditions on its own. We don’t have to figure out what flush or cleanse you need next because the body is smart and knows what to do without us telling it. Way better, right?

Nutritional Balancing informed by a Hair Mineral Analysis can help:

  1. Learn what foods are best for your metabolic rate
  2. Know what supplements your body prefers to improve your energy and overall health
  3. Correct imbalances that lead to cascading symptoms
  4. Understand why you may not be feeling well
  5. Eliminate toxic metals and chemicals without harmful chelation drugs
  6. Track changes and improvements over time through repeat hair tests and retracing
  7. Regain your energy and vitality… possibly more than you thought possible
  8. Achieve an ideal weight without starvation or surgery
  9. Strengthen your immune system – understanding vaccines are toxic
  10. Improve mental alertness and agility
  11. Reach your health and wellness goals

Read more about the REVEAL program and how it works. 

No claims for this program are made because each person’s situation is unique. Imbalances passed from mother to child in the womb combined with our body’s built-in survival mechanism to overcome imbalances as we’re exposed to them means each person’s healing journey is unique too.  This same uniqueness is also why a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral test is so critical. We would never want to recommend diets, supplements or other procedures without one. Ask for a consultation today to see how this program can help you specifically and see if it’s a good fit for you.

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