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Starting the REVEAL eating plan means creating a diet budget that will help you offset your grocery bill so you can afford healthy food and supplements. If this isn’t done in the beginning and you simply start adding to your grocery and supplement bill without making the necessary changes this can prove costly. You’re here because you’re ready for a change. You already realize the importance of keeping yourself healthy. You want to be there for your loved ones. So, let’s explore together what these changes look like.

The reason most good health products cost so much is that they are made with quality ingredients and the body can process the food more efficiently. Higher quality foods mean your body is getting the nutrients it needs, hopefully without the added toxic ingredients and harsh chemicals added during processing. They do tend to cost a bit more, but you have to look closely at your budget when transitioning to a new diet program.

You want to change your life by starting the diet formulated for your oxidation type, but you don’t know how because you’re still in the habit of buying the same old stuff you’ve always bought. So, it seems like you don’t have enough money to even think about purchasing a system to support your goal. Your first question might be “exactly how much money do you spend on food each month?”

Between groceries for your household, fast food, dinner out, snacks in between, current health supplements and junk food, how much money do you actually spend each month? Don’t forget the quick sugar fix from the vending machine or the multiple trips to the cover coffee shop. It’s very important to detail this expense on your budget down to the penny because this is where most, if not all of the money you need to start a diet program, comes from.

Most people generally know how much money they are going to spend throughout the month on food-type products. The rest just wing it and end up paying twice as much as they need to, partially adding to the problem they have with their body to begin with. How much food do you really need in your home at one time? Remember, the fresher the food, the more nutrients it contains. As food ages, it becomes less and less nutritious, so shop more often than just once a week. I’m at the market every couple of days.

When you create a diet budget, you look at the new products you will be consuming in replacement for your meals, the healthy foods you need for non-replacement meals, and healthy snacks to tide you over throughout the day. You take into consideration all of the foods you won’t be purchasing including candy, potato chips, soda, milk, fast food, and other unhealthy items.

At first, you’ll notice most of your diet changes come down to willpower and your ability to resist unhealthy temptations. This spur of the moment food purchases and eating habits are the cause of a lot of excess weight and toxins in your body. Having healthy snacks at arm’s reach is the support you give yourself. By the way, it’s a good idea to go grocery shopping when you’re already full so you resist temptation better while browsing the grocery aisle.

So, now you have a good idea how to prepare for implementing a plan that can replace your current food bill.

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