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Meet Fake Meat

3 ways to pick the best protein

Women exposed to high levels of estrogen are at greater risk for breast cancer according to the National Cancer Institute.

Why Fake Meat; What kind of issue is this?

Eating fake meat is not good for humans and most of us do need meat protein for health. Political correctness, religious beliefs, soft sympathy for animals, and the squeaky wheel of the minority are making fake meat a popular subject, but there’s more than one side to this story.

Use Good/Better/Best Strategy

For those who are strongly FOR eating real meat (and me too), instead of fake meat, I’m curious to know how many of you are aware of my GOOD / BETTER / BEST theory when it comes to food. It helps the selection of all categories of foods from the grocery store to the restaurant. Today, we’re talking red meat.
  • “GOOD” is eating NATURAL meat

Unrelated to USDA, organic, and undefined “animal parts.” Much of what you find when you eat out is lower quality than natural, and IMO, inedible. This is the real fake meat. Why? Read the first line of this post again.

Eating NATURAL meat is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to nourishing your body. Natural meat is not related to USDA, organic, or undefinedanimal parts. Natural meat is not only of higher quality than what you find when you eat out, but it is also much more nutritious and beneficial for your health.

Natural meat, as opposed to chemical-filled fake meat, is free of hormones and antibiotics that can cause negative effects on your body. A key difference between natural meat and lower-quality meat is that natural meat comes from animals that have been raised without hormones, antibiotics, and other unnatural substances.

These animals are also raised in more humane conditions and given a better quality of life than what is found in conventional meat production. Natural meat also tends to be more flavorful and tender than lower-quality meat. When you buy natural meat, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality meat that is free of potential contaminants and toxins.

Natural meat is also more sustainable and ethical since it does not involve the use of cruel and inhumane animal production practices. In my opinion, eating natural meat is the best way to nourish your body and provide yourself with the highest quality of nutrition. Natural meat is also far better for

  • BETTER is eating ORGANIC

Nope, this isn’t the BEST option, but it’s better than Good because with organic you’re supposedly avoiding pesticides. Be aware that there are pesticides approved for use on organic feed. Just sayin’

Eating ORGANIC is a step up from eating NATURAL. While it is not the BEST option, it is better than eating NATURAL because with organic you are supposedly avoiding pesticides. However, one should be aware that there are some pesticides that are approved for organic feed. This means that organic feed can still contain pesticides.

Organic meat also differs from natural meat in that it is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, or other unnatural substances. Organic meat is much more expensive than natural meat, but it can provide you with higher quality and better-tasting meat.

Organic meat is also better for the environment since it does not involve the use of cruel and inhumane animal production practices.

Organic production also reduces the impact of synthetic fertilizers on the environment and helps to conserve natural resources.

Ultimately, it is important to be aware that organic meat is not the BEST option when it comes to nutrition, but it is still a better option than natural meat. Organic meat is more expensive, but it can provide you with higher quality and better-tasting meat. Furthermore, it is better for the environment and avoids the use of cruel and inhumane animal production practices.


Notice I didn’t say grass-finished. That’s lower quality and I’d even put that below Natural because grass-feeding is only occurring in the last stages of the animal’s life.

Eating 100% GRASSFED/SUSTAINABLY RAISED AND PROCESSED is the BEST option when it comes to nourishing your body. This type of meat, not fake meat, is of higher quality than both organic and natural meat because it is raised and processed in a more sustainable and humane way. The animals are given access to fresh, green grass and are never given hormones or antibiotics.
This type of meat is also free of any synthetic fertilizers. Furthermore, this type of meat is more nutrientdense and contains higher levels of Omega3 fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients.
Additionally, it has a richer flavor and is more tender than other types of meat. It is important to note that I did not mention grassfinished meat because it is of lower quality and I would put it below natural meat. This is because grassfeeding only occurs in the last stages of the animals life and does not provide the same level of nutrition and quality as 100% grassfed/sustainably raised and processed meat.
In conclusion, eating 100% grassfed/sustainably raised and processed meat is the BEST option when it comes to nutrition, flavor, and quality. It provides

Natural Products Vendors Weigh In

This article is from the farmers I found at the Natural Products Expo who met my quality preferences for meat. For every argument you can think of that says meat, and specifically, cow meat is bad for you here’s the answer. When you take these precautions to create quality, not fake meat, the results are self-evident. I invite you to read on.

Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

How to discern what protein to eat

We must discern fake meat products and real meat products in the marketplace for what is healthy and what is not based on a set of health criteria. Educate with facts instead of trends and peer pressure.

Exploring the New Foods section of the Natural Products Show floor, I guestimate 75% of the meats being showcased were soy-based meats meant to replicate the texture, taste, and feel of animal meat. Fake meat is a trend and there appeared to be a lot of money backing the endeavor.

Your preference

While present, I asked my FB followers what they thought of this trend. It was my most popular post (probably ever) with most all responses being in favor of REAL MEAT. Only 2 gave reasons like ‘it’s good for the planet so it must be good for us.’ Their oversimplified argument makes it seem like it’s a win-win situation. But eating diets including so many processed foods creates chronic illness for us.

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