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The Profit Protocol Learning to Heal the Body and Get More Energy the Healthy Way

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Intro 0:02
Profit protocol with your host Paul Conant. Each week Paul and his guests offer tactics and tips to help you create a strategic systemized and scalable business. Now, here’s your host, Paul Conant.

Paul 0:19
Welcome to the Prophet protocol. I’m your host Paul Conant on the show, we speak with business leaders, entrepreneurs, as well as people who are making things happen in their industries. I would like to share a quick tip at the end of the show from my coaching program called the profit protocol where we help businesses become more profitable by using the Seven Pillars to a successful business. Today’s guest is Eva Vennari. She is the founder and CEO of the Elevate Institute, a cutting edge health coaching firm specializing in mineral balancing. She’s the creator of REVEAL Optimal Health Intensive, a hair analysis techniques to let you understand exactly what your body is going through and help you heal and rejuvenate…Eva, welcome to the show.

Eva 1:05
I’m happy to be here and so excited. Thanks, Paul.

Paul 1:06
I know you thought I was gonna botch the name but I did 600 times I try not two or three at the most. How are you?

Eva:  Fantastic.

Paul: Fantastic. That’s great. That’s great. So where are you know, where are you? Where are you? Are you in…

Eva 1:20
Los Angeles.

Paul: LA, Southern California?

Eva: Yeah.

Paul 1:22
Okay. Yeah, I was wondering because I wasn’t sure if it was on the East Coast LA or okay. Far away. We’re only about five hours away, which is good. How are things?

Eva 1:32
You know, not so bad? Yeah. All right. Getting better.

Paul 1:41
Yeah, absolutely. I feel the same way. I’ve been acclimating to things I want to do. And my, my head started to clear, you know, one thing I never fell into was kind of listening to the news. So as all this stuff was kind of falling apart, and in February and March, and you know, friends would call me like, ah, they’re panicking and I’m like, I honestly I’m not really watching. Anything on the news? I you know, I mean, they’re doing my podcast working or, you know, at the time I was I was working out and actually haven’t done much of that now. So I feel horrendous about myself, but I wasn’t doing much, you know, listening to news. And then sort of like, you got to listen to the news and I would listen and then I would feel depressed. And I would be like, No wonder I don’t listen to the news.

Eva 2:19
One reason why I don’t Yeah, absolutely. Terrible.

There’s that fine line right there. You want to be informed, but you don’t want to get fanatic about it?

Paul 2:26
Yes, absolutely. And it’s easy to because there’s just so much bad information on the social medias. As much as we need it in life. It’s Oh, my God, it’s terrible. So is listening to a lot of stuff scares the heck out of me. So, but anyway, I’m glad you’re okay. And you know, today we have a lot of cool things to talk about with you. Because, you know, like I said, in the opening, you’re involved in a lot of really good things that I think people need to know a little bit more about. And I think because of the way news is and the way all the stuff that kind of trickles down to us. Sometimes we go for convenience in life as opposed to looking and searching for things that might be better for us, you know, we’ll, we’ll take, you know, the blue pill because it’s accessible and it’s in it’s as fast as we could get it when maybe we it’s not the best thing that we should be doing. And we should take the red pill or whatever pill it is, or number, whatever your whatever your whatever your happiness is, I don’t know. But anyway, but you’re here to talk about one is the the elevat Institute. And maybe you could tell me a little bit about that and kind of how you started it. And what’s what’s it all about?

Eva 3:27
Oh, gosh, so what it is, is my business so it’s not an MLM or anything like that. It’s It’s my own baby and it really is a baby. I’ve been doing this work for the better part of a decade working with people like I was high performance professionals who were burning themselves out on the need to get it done have to hit a deadline, can’t do it because I’ve got too much on my plate and I’m not taking care of myself. And so that’s the who I help and I came to that I was a hot mess. So I was going from one job to another Trying to, you know, take care of myself but laid off. So I have a circumstantial things happening, where, you know, first it was 2000 and the bubble it burst, you know, and then I had to switch careers and to book I’m going into contracting, that’s not so dang smart. So made a bad decision. Talk about failure. So that admin 2008 happened and I was like, Okay, time to reinvent myself again. Well, this brought me to a place where I was looking at, I have time to figure out what’s wrong with my body, chronic conditions, things were flaring up, didn’t know what to do about it and went searching. So that was the beginning.

Paul 4:37
That’s the beginning. So you know, you brought up an important point we things go wrong in our body. We don’t know necessarily what affecting this right, and inflammation and different things like that affect their bodies and how they even concentrate and think

Eva 4:51
I can take it a step further. So we’re born with imbalances that were passed from mother to child in the womb, so not to depress you, but That’s not only a possibility it is a real thing. So when we say Oh, it’s friends, the family or it’s all on my mother’s side or it’s genetic, maybe it’s not genetic. Maybe it’s congenial. Maybe it’s just passed environmentally from mother to child. So that’s what I find I can really help with is making those changes. Yeah.

Paul 5:18
Is that is that is that a reversible or is it just getting on the right diet? Or?

Eva 5:23
The answer to both questions is yes. It’s more than just eating right, though, because much like fixing the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It took recreating a whole foundation, and a lot of time, and that’s really the way the body works, too. All right.

Paul 5:38
So it is something that could be addressed and oh, yeah, one of the things is I was reading is mineral balancing, and is that you kind of get that by testing out their hair is interesting.

Eva 5:50
Yeah, I, I affectionately call it their trash report. It’s basically everything that you take into your body. Whether you bring It in eating it, drinking it, you know, whatever. What sits against your skin all day long because you’re washing your clothes and leaving the fabric detergent and everything on your clothes and it sits against your skin. you absorb everything. There’s no doorman that says you can’t come in here and or you’re okay, everything goes and the body will use whatever it can in priority. Of course it loves the things that are its preferred the minerals, it wants the nutrients first, but guess what, if your diets lacking those things, then it’s going to go to the what is available and can be used like a spare tire, the body will use toxins as a replacement in your body. So you got that now whatever is leftover from that process of making new cells of you, because that happens every night. It gets dumped into our soft tissue. So there’s a record of the soft tissue in which is our hair and our nails. So when we test the hair, and now you can really see you get down to the nitty-gritty of what truly is needed for the body to heal. That current metabolism layer is the magic and that’s the minerals.

Paul 6:56
That was somebody have to come see you in order to do this. There’s just nothing they could do on line they could, you know, mail-in those samples?

Eva 7:05
You ask all these wonderful questions I can say Yes. Yeah. So I have clients that are all over the world. And I really mean that. So hair does not spoil in the mail. Easy, right? Like blood, and blood and hair. They’re two different things and in the way that what they offer us as information here is more comprehensive. It’s more information over a month as opposed to a period of time in just right now while you starve yourself to death. It’s just, you know, it’s more comprehensive, different useful, both useful not saying don’t do one or the other do both. Right. It’s an inclusive thing. So, yes, I send out a hair test kit in the mail and somebody decides they want to work with me. And then from there, it’s a big discovery. Because if I tell everybody what they’re going to get before they, they start, it’s overwhelming.

Paul 7:52
All right. So let me give you an ideal client that this works for. I mean, it was it worked for men for women, or what do you see, you know, it’s kind of an ideal client You like to work with

Eva 8:01
It works for everyone who I’ve worked with that has applied it and you CAN apply it. The IT is the REVEAL Program and it’s talking about a person who is ideally willing to set aside the western-medicine-only method and bringing on and adopting that idea, my body does have an ability to heal itself if I just give it what I need. So it’s really that, that thinking that makes the difference who’s the ideal person. If you’re like, No, no, I just want to take the blue pill or the red pill or the yellow pill and be done with it, then that’s not my client. I’m not looking for the weekend resort in Las Vegas to help you know I’m gonna blow off steam and be good my Monday. I’m not looking for that guy. Men, women, it’s professionals. It’s also Suzy homemaker with their, kids. I have signed up whole families at a time before but the ideal person I love working with that individual who is just so frustrated like I was when looking For the solution, and not finding it with a doctor when the doctor says, You know what, we don’t know what’s wrong with you, it’s all in your head. You have hypothyroidism, you’re just fatigued all the time, take a vacation, put your feet up or whatever that’s that kind of sloughing it off not paying attention to what you know is wrong. That is the person that I can give hope to and I think that if we just give your body what it needs it’ll engage itself, turn back the hands of time and correct all these imbalances that are creating the problems. Because quite frankly, if you don’t have the environment to support it right, then the problem won’t exist just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. if it wasn’t built on shifty sand, it would not lean.

Paul 9:44
be talking about it.

I’m a person that believes in science and in current medicine to a point right I do think that and I don’t know the answer this I might put you on the spot or not. But you know, I I see people taking medication talk Sent medication to offset medication. And that to me is scary, right? So when I went one day, I don’t know, I got to the doctor and he’s like, Oh, you need a blood pressure medication. I’m like, Oh, God, I have it. You know, I work out I eat right? So for the most part, and I, you know, I can’t believe that I need blood pressure. He’s like, well, your blood pressure is really high, you know, it’d be okay. So, and then they started telling me about another pill. And I was like, I haven’t taken pills. 50 years old, I haven’t taken any pills in my life. You know, I’m a really boring medical type individual. So and I’m like, I don’t know if I want to take, you know, blood pressure medication, just because I think if you start, it just never ends. And I said, maybe there’s some other ways First, and he’s like, Well, God, find out whatever you want to do. So I never ended up taking it. He gave me a prescription to it. I didn’t take it. And I have to tell you, a lot of it was when I was back in the northeast. It was just that it was the stresses of work and the northeast and the traffic and everything else. I mean, driving to his office was literally a heart attack waiting to happen. I mean, loosen the grip, ever driven 95 during rush hour, I mean, it’s like LA I mean, it’s like, you know, aggressive drivers and, and it’s like you’re trying to get there because you’re you know, I’m usually on time to run a little. I mean, that’s enough to give your high pressure. So I don’t believe in a lot of that I do believe there’s times you need the medicine. Don’t get me wrong. But by the same token as I do think there’s other things we should experiment with or look at, and the natural world. You know, a friend of mine from India was telling me about things like turmeric and different things like that. There he goes, wow, I don’t know why you guys. Burberry I think what Bert is there’s one verb he said, I don’t know why you guys take anything for our medical use for high blood pressure. We take this natural route or whatever it was called Berber. I was like, Wow, I’ve never heard of it. I haven’t heard of it. He’s I have no idea why you Americans don’t listen to us. But this is something really good you should take. And sure enough, I researched it and everything he told me about it was there. But I mean, you’re talking years I didn’t know about this. So how do you? I mean, I guess I’ve kind of answered a lot of my questions. That’s what I do. But I tell me, how do you address that because you Let’s get that question a lot more people. But what do I do?

Eva 12:02
Well, I answer that with a story of my own. So I told you that the kind of when it started, but why I hung my shingle was an event. So I decided I’m going to try this hair analysis thing for myself. And it reversed a lot of my problems, including fibromyalgia, and itchy skin and copper toxicity problems, even infertility stuff that I had going on. So, as I’m doing this, I decided, you know what, I really like this. I kind of want to become certified. And so I did that as I became certified. I’m now on the magic meat. So back in June of 2011, I’m on the phone with my now deceased ex husband. Okay. So two weeks before he passed away, we’re on the phone. And he’s confiding in me because we’re getting our stuff together with our kids. And after we’re done with that conversation, he’s telling me about his heart prolapse and his hepatitis C and he’s 45 years old at this time was on 17 medications and it started with guess what one so this just go coincides with your story? Yes, it does. Absolutely starts with one. And then the statistics are that within a year, you’re on three more to offset the conditions that that one created and it snowballs from there. So here he was, at the age of 45. Had some kidney stones Two weeks later. Is is the problem but what I can’t get over and this is why the mindset is so important for those I work with is that I offered my help. I said, You know, I just learned about this hair analysis thing, mineral balancing and getting your body back to where it’s supposed to be. I said, Why don’t you send me some of your hair. I just became certified. I’ll work with you and we’ll get you better. You need to be around to help us with the kids. You know, I need the help. He laughed at me. And he says, No, no, no, I’m fine. My doctors have me. I’m on medication. Yeah, yeah, he was on medication, right. He was on 17 medications, but I didn’t know that until after he passed and I’m cleaning out the house. So two weeks later, getting the phone call from the hospital. You know, they’re telling you the story. He died of a heart attack. Yeah, in the hospital. Just trying to get rid of Kidney Stones, they were trying to put them into an ultrasound and get that taken care of. So that’s the story that I hope everybody can take to heart and go, you know what, I want to turn this ship around because it doesn’t have to be unit doesn’t have to be somebody you love. It can be different. This is the reason why I opened my doors. I said, Okay, I know I can do this for myself, that’s fine. But people need to know they have an alternative. And so I have dedicated the last 10 years to educating, re educating, opening up new venues of ideas, those who are willing to listen I’m here and tumeric Absolutely, it’s one of the the recommended supplements if it is required by your hair analysis results. Yeah, that’s excellent.

Paul 14:39
You know, I I’m gonna ask for if you get this question. I’m gonna ask for a friend. Friend might have this problem. Hot flashes. It’s my

Eva 14:51
typical well for your friend meaning you wink wink. No.

Paul 14:56
That’s another podcast. We’ll talk about.

whole other issue, but no, I mean she I mean she’s in this stage. This is affecting her life. I mean she’s, you know, she’s a professional she’s a dentist, she’s working she’s getting him she’s they their conditioners up and I guess I am kinda asked it for me because the air conditioners either at 60 or an 80. It all depends. And I live in Arizona, where it’s honor and five.

They’re all so is that something to get a you could look at?

Eva 15:22
Absolutely. So I went through perimenopause at 28. You’re not supposed to go through menopause or even perimenopause at 28 is both like much later. And so I know hot flashes. I’ve been introduced to them. And I didn’t start this work until I was 36. So I spent that long so from 28 to 36 with hot flashes. Oh, how fun. Joy?

No, it really is that?

Paul 15:50
Well, I don’t know what you’re doing because I don’t

Eva 15:52
it’s it’s a hormonal imbalance, right? It’s all it really is all here. It has nothing to do with the environment. cold it is or hot it is anywhere else. It’s all just the person and the woman in this case, and so that it’s not that it’s going to go away entirely. Although I have to say I reverse mine, I’m back to being a regular cycle and not having perimenopausal symptoms at all. And I’m now 47 due to be 48 in a month. So it’s has really nothing to do with the age so much so and I learned that early on is like your age has nothing to do with your health, like you should not get to a certain age and go, Oh, I should lose my eyesight at 20 or 40. Rather, everybody else is losing it. It should be not that’s normal, right? No, just because it’s common, it doesn’t mean it’s normal. And so if you have symptoms that are outside of like you’re complaining about it, a hot flashes can be enormous. They can be either a huge hurdle or they can just be a real road boom. And once you rather be a little road bump for a couple of years to get through this period. That’s what this program can do. It can bring things down to a level that it’s supposed to be

Paul 16:57
got it so I will have to request a hair sample kit. And get that rolling for should be more than happy to figure out something. She’s, I mean, she’s been told all kinds of things. So it’s definitely crazy. But I mean, it’s it’s a good point, where do you turn when you want to do the healthy right thing? As opposed to, you know, just I’ll just go to road and take medication and, and like I said before you know it, you’re on a whole bunch of pills and

Eva 17:20
Well, isn’t that easy? Yeah. Now you go, you go to your gatekeeper, whoever that is your general practitioner and you ask them what’s wrong? And oh, no, but you can take this antidepressant in the meantime. And here’s something Oh, by the way, your cholesterol is a little high And oh, by the way, it looks like you’re a pre diabetic do all these things are mineral imbalances in my world, you know,

Paul 17:42
they lead now with questions on the form. Are you feeling depressed Are you feeling and like damn, who isn’t? I mean, if you’re

feeling great right now, like really, drugs are you?

Eva 17:54

Paul 17:57
Feel Great right now. Yeah. I was looking at what The intake forms and do we have a dental office and we don’t ask questions like that, you know we have health history but not in depth into psychology type stuff. And so I was looking at I was like good god I can’t believe this these questions and and and then if you say yeah, I’m a little depressed doc Oh, then the world opens up to all these things that they could solve with when you write your


we had our day.

Eva 18:29
I used to work with a psychologist friend of mine here in Los Angeles, and we worked on a separate project, but she got to the point of understanding what I did so much she goes, you know, anybody I’d have coming in just for depression she was I’m going to send them to you first because there are so many mineral imbalances and especially copper. Copper toxicity is a big one that can promote an attribute to a great deal of depression, that once you get the body part out of the way, the mental ability to process the things that have been depressing you become much easier The lanes of the freeway of the mind open up and your processing abilities become more powerful and that’s what I’ve noticed as people go from being I’m sick I’m tired, very tunnel vision into the there’s a road around me Oh, I’ve got a wife I need to attend to I’ve got children I can can, you know have fun with it becomes that that’s the difference between tunnel vision and like I can only go to work come home that’s the only energy I have into, oh, there’s a whole world out there for me to enjoy. That’s the dogs.

Paul 19:24
It’s crushed to it’s got to be a big, big role and getting getting sick. What How do you do address that? And?

Eva 19:31
Yeah, absolutely. I mean, my goal is to reduce your stress. I mean, if you look at my LinkedIn profile, it’s reduced my stress either that’s what it is. And there’s two different kinds of stress and I’m gonna joke I know this is G rated, but I’m gonna say it this way without using bad language, you’re gonna hear this. So I say there’s two kinds of stress. There’s a kind of stress that’s drama related. It’s not whether or not your wife knows about your girlfriend. It’s not that’s drama, okay? Your stress has to do with the imbalances in inside the body, how are you physically dealing with the changes of the world around you, in your mind and in your emotional state? Because they’re all affecting your chemicals?

Paul 20:10
That’s interesting. Yeah. So if you’re stressed that way, basically cold is a perfect example. Yeah, the whole world kind of blows up. People don’t know what to do. They’re out of work there. Are they going to get the unemployment check? Can they afford groceries? This is a stress that comes on to people now they’re acting in ways that they probably wouldn’t act swearing at people in traffic throwing things out when those

high interest rate right now.

Eva 20:35
So yeah, we have we have what I affectionately call I do a lot of affection at calling up things is the vital healing account, right? And this is this is how much energy Do I have to perform my life in a day. And if we do things that are, I’m going to sit in a room I’ve been by myself, we’re not spending very much vital healing energy other than just on the healing, but if we go out and we are then perpetually exacerbated by bad traffic by the boss that doesn’t appreciate us by the rays we didn’t receive by that job that had to be returned all of these things they take away from your, your vital healing account. Now what do you have leftover, so you don’t have the energy to deal with what just now happened. So you’re gonna blow up that that’s kind of how I relate to it all. It’s normal and natural as a human being. So don’t beat yourself up. And that’s another thing I get into is mindset. Let’s talk about your coping skills of all of this. And then once they come to different new understandings, life’s little easier.

Paul 21:36
Well, I mean, all this could make you better, you know, a better family member a better a better at your job better owner of a business. So I think it’s great that you’re doing it. It’s fantastic. Thank you. I’m glad I found you. You know, it’s I think it’s you’re offering a lot of good things to people should learn about. So we’ll talk about where people get a hold of you. But you know, I always ask this if people and this is my curveball at the end of the show that I throw people this I think we can learn a lot from failures in life. One of the reasons why I read books is because I want to learn what other people did and the mistakes that they made. So I, I can minimize my I still make the mistakes, I still feel

like, Wow, that’s a great idea

that he shared with me, I think I’m going to do the opposite.

At least I try. But I’m cognizant of making the problem before I do it. So but I always tell people you know, you’re going to fail. Tell us about a time that you failed and maybe share is the outcome because a lot of times failures are just really opportunities wrapped up, you know, in a bow for a just don’t realize that at the time, so maybe you could share us share one of your stories with us.

Eva 22:38
Sure. Yeah. I’ve got a favorite from high school. I was an athlete for years, and I decided to join the track team. And I went out for race racing. So I was fast and I did the 200 meter first race first official race and get to the finish line and instead of running over it, I face planted on it. I really don’t know what how And I don’t know how I tripped up my feet is like it should be a very simple thing to do to just run right. Missed it entirely and and the sad thing was that’s the one and only track me my dad ever made I’m gonna say I went on to become a record holder for the long jump

in that wow yeah there you go. That’s fantastic. Yeah. Because that was that in California. Yeah.

Yeah as in Burbank.

Paul 23:25
So you’ve been writing in the Burbank LA area your whole life.

Eva 23:29
Mostly I circled back. So I was raised in Burbank and I decided to jump out of the frying pan into the fire by moving to Las Vegas when I was 19. Wow, I know and I was not a stripper. No as your next question. I know.

I answered it for you and all who are listening. Now I was I was I was introduced to the medical world I ended up being a medical transcriptionist. So I learned how to spell sick. Really? Yes, you can. Check it out. And other medical terms, that was my first exposure to it. And that’s where I met and married my now deceased ex husband, we moved up to Idaho. We were there for several years. And then after I divorced, we had two kids and I divorced him. And then I moved us back down here to California to raise them. So that’s where we’ve been for the last 20 years.

Paul 24:19
Fantastic. That’s a great story. So it’s a, it’s a pleasure having you on please tell our listeners how they could get ahold of you. And I’ll be sure to send them your way because I think this is going to be an important one. For a lot of people I know because always people always ask me like, how do I, you know, how do I get around this? How can I not take medication for this? Or how do I get more energy, now you’re going to be my go to person so

Eva 24:43
well, I’ll say I’ll say Stop, stop standing in line at Starbucks very often, because that will just zap your energy more than it will any other but so I offer something that’s kind of unique. My website so it’s that elevate and if you go to the main page, you’re going to see a gift it says free face reading. So I used to offer free assessment answer these questions and it will give us some insight as to if you have some imbalances. You know, want to know the secret to that is everyone has imbalances. So it’s just the degree of what I know. And so I decided you know what, let me do something where I can have my eyes on someone so the fate the face reading, it can reveal serious issues. inflammation is part of that with liver, kidney, spleen, all of those internal organs your heart, your vascular system, I can a quick look once you learn these details, you can’t unsee it. I can even see if you’re living in your purpose. So I put my eyes on your face and I need a good selfie. For women who were making women men are wearing makeup these days. No makeup, please. I need to see the colors of the skin. Yeah, no makeup and a good selfie close up and I can give you some, like takes me about 10 minutes to do each person.

Paul 25:55
Wow. Yeah, I think I’m gonna take you up on that one too. I’m gonna do that. Yeah, a lot of fun that all for that person I know to do it as well.

Paul 26:07
I’m happy to talk to you because I’ll tell you my sister in law loves this stuff. I mean, we debated all the time through throughout the years, you know, different healing methods and things like that. So she’s gonna love to learn about you too. So it’s a I’m very happy mentioned and I look forward to having you on again. I think you could be a regular on the show you live in your, your laughter you’re you’ve got a lot of energy. So I love it. So have a good hurry on the show.

Eva 26:33
Thank you. My pleasure.

Paul 26:36
That was Eva Vennari from the Elevate Institute. You can learn more about her and the good things that she’s doing by visiting our online at www that elevate … Remember, always be happy, humble and hungry. also treat people with respect. We’re only here on earth for a short amount of time. So let’s use that time wisely.

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