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Do you take international clients?

The Elevate Institute is an international provider. The simple answer is yes.  To have a hair test completed is pretty easy. I can send a hair test kit in standard mail, or email you the intake forms and instructions that detail how to prepare the hair sample. From there, use a separate envelope to isolate the hair from the intake forms, and mail it all back to me at the address provided on the forms.  Hair does not spoil so it can be mailed easily. Receiving the REVEAL consultation and all the accompanying documents can also be done via web meeting. I use Zoom for international meetings. The harder part might be ordering the supplements as recommended. Many of my international clients prefer to crossover most of the supplements with a brand from Amazon or a local store, and then order those supplements that are more specific to their oxidation rate according to the hair mineral analysis from the lab in Phoenix, AZ to keep customs costs down. Many countries have a maximum dollar-declared value on packages. For example in Switzerland, there is a value cap of $150 that can pass through customs without additional customs fees to the recipient. Do your research to find out what it is in your country. I’m happy to work with you.

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